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5 Minutes of This is Better Than Hitting 1000s of Balls at the Range!

Do you want a new drill that will stop wasting time in your practice and get you compressing the golf ball in an easy way, in just 5 minutes? This indoor drill will drastically improve your handicap indoors (no sim) - it's the wall drill with a difference! Focus on these super SIMPLE steps to improve from home, if you swing over the top, this drill is for you. This basic golf drill will focus on keeping your posture, understand how you start the swing and how you start down, this is all vital for your golf swing and will impact the distance the golf ball travels, the control you have over the club face, and how far you hit the ball. The impact position in your golf swing is fundamental to gaining consistency and distance, so many golfers work on the WRONG things during their practice, you are wasting time and money by hitting 1000's of golf balls with no real purpose. This drill produced instant pure irons shots on more than one occasion now! Its worked for me, but more importantly for my students who attend lessons with me. This is for golfers of all levels and AGES and hands down the best drill for instant PURE irons shots. The focus here is Hitting down on the golf ball, compressing the golf ball with a simple golf tip with your irons, gaining better rotation in your golf shots. 5 Minutes of This is Better Than Hitting 1000s of Balls at the Range - New Drill!

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