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96% of Golfers Get this WRONG With Their Wedges! STOP FATTING & THINNING....

Transcript from the video - now I see so many golfers get this wrong with their chipping we're going talking about two huge mistakes and I reckon around 96% of people I teach get this wrong and you're probably thinking where the heck do you get that percentage from well I teach around 40 clients each week I'm saying majority don't get this so we're talking about two huge points here how high should the hands be and should my heel or toe be off the ground when I'm chipping and also how should my my club face look because I see this being given out as advice far too often to get the strike that's how you get a square face hands ahead but that honestly is why you're duffing it a yard in front of you or knifing it past this flag follow this simple advice today and I know you're going to improve your chipping so this is how I would demonstrate this to you just using a bunker it's not a bunker shot but it just shows how this Leading Edge so this bit interacts with the ground now if you are brand new you here and you're wondering Alex how do we get the inspiration for each of these videos it's from you yes you my whole sole game of this channel is to help you play your best golf so simply subscribe turn on the bell and just pop your query down below cuz we're answering this question today now come in the bunk with me here when I see golfers stand to a chip like this club face really really closed and I move this through the sand slowly you can see how this would dig now unless you're perfect on that contact when you're chipping off the grass you're going to knife it or you're going to dig that Leading Edge now sometimes it is the shot and it is needed but let's say for majority of the time it's not now look at the difference here so that's how you were before okay like this now I'm going to open up my face and I'll give you the exact measurement shortly and now look at the difference the same Pace same impetus towards the ground around look how my club Glides look at the difference in the dver that's because I've accessed the bounce when you access the bounce the club Glides it doesn't dig once you get that honestly you will learn to love the ground when you chip and you'll never fear duffing it okay let's get back over there I get excited about this cuz I know I can just stand here and get a strike you hear that noise and then that spin as well that stop on the ball confidence and that's what you're going to have so let's give you the exact measurement so two bits on the screen here you can see one Club face that a lot of us think is square the left hand side but on the right hand side is what I'm going to encourage you to do so I want you to think about this you open the face up if that toe there is pointing at 12:00 I'm going to open it to like 1203 now I know that's precise but it's important I don't want you to whack it open this far cuz you just won't you'll go even worse than you are right now just open it a little bit to access that bounce now as you put it down to the ground it just looks a lot softer the same principles of what I just showed you in the bunker now apply here the sand was just easier for me to show you and I take people over there in the lesson and they just think dead easy that so let's hit another one away then we'll get on to that second point this hand position because that's also oh did you hear that look at the stop on this oh there also a huge thing where people go wrong and I want you to learn to love chipping cuz you often find right if you think I reckon a lot of us only hit around 40% of the greens that we play on the course in regulation so that's a lot of greens that we've got to make up for right so getting good around here and confident has to be of your utmost priority so the position now my real big pet hate is when people are too far away on this chip the simplest thing I could ever say to you and that's what this channel is all about simple tips is you want someone that's 30 40 50 yards away to be able to see that you're hitting a short shot now if you stood this distance from a chip I look like I could it through the bushes over the back which is what some others are scared of doing whereas if I get the handle higher I walk a little closer now if you're 30 40 50 yards away you can see my setup is sort of setting the DNA of a shorter more controlled shot so I don't have to worry about the power I can put speed in as much as I want but I'm not going to put too much in cuz my setup's not meaning that the DNA isn't too hit it far the DNA is hit it short so if I just go into this shorter grass here come have a look close where exactly I place this so I reckon I could get a pound coin underneath the heel of my club just here and that really encourages me to cover that golf ball my chest over it and I feel I get that strike then let's hit this one from here I've still got that face slightly open I've got the heel slightly off the ground and this just helps that club Glide again look how the ball reacts a little bit of spin a little bit of control avoid those two huge errors and you will never fear duffing it fatting it thinning doing all those horrible bits just in the most simple way ever slightly open slightly raised dead easy thanks so much for watching if you haven't subscribed yet please do consider subscribing to the channel I really want to help you improve your golf and hit shots like that cuz if you chip it that close you're going to hold a lot of those right thanks for watching have a great day

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Alex, I really appreciate your videos. This video addressed chipping with wedges. I am having trouble with my new wedges when pitching from 40-70 yards. Especially having problems digging or blading with my lob wedge (60 degrees/10 bounce).



Really appreciate your tips -- you help simplify the world's most complicated game. You've helped me a lot. Thank you.

Bob McCarthy

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