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Before Chipping Onto The Green Do This for 8 Seconds

This is my BIGGEST secret in chipping and I promise you will never "fat" the golf ball again when chipping. Achieve the perfect ball-to-turf strike with spin on the golf ball during your chip shots. Use this simple drill before chipping onto the green to build confidence. This could be the best chipping lesson on YouTube! Apply this drill with every single one of your clubs when chipping around the greens to help lower your scores. Missing these key steps during chipping can be the difference between good or bad strikes on the golf course. My BIGGEST SECRET DRILL To Use Before Chipping Onto The Green

This video breaks down the process into 5 simple golf instruction steps, making it easy to follow for all levels of golfers:

1. How to stand for a chip shot

2. Ball position when chipping in golf

3. Get closer to the golf ball and make the shaft steeper!

4. Angle of attack into the golf ball with weight distribution while gripping down

5. The towel drill for a perfect chipping strike with spin! How to get spin when chipping

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Excellent session when the rain stops I will go and practice what you have said!

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