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Before Striking Your Irons Do THIS For 5 Seconds

Transcript from the video: before striking your irons on the golf course do this for 5 seconds honestly your ball striking will go to a new level and why I'm saying it takes 5 seconds is the setup the feeling in the back swing and where you've got to be aware of your weight in the golf swing think now in this short video I'm going to be educating you on exactly what you should be looking for and then you'll be able to do this in 5 seconds now this channel is all about helping you play your best golf so I put a community post up the other day on what do you guys want to learn everybody was saying or vast majority was saying iron strikes so we're powered by you the viewers and I'm listening to you because I care about how you play your golf and if you think Alex I want my question directly answered just simply subscribe and write it down below in the comment section first thing in every great ball strike over the years especially the likes of Ben Hogan or even modern day ball Strikers like Victor holand is they have a very aggressive setup now if I look at a lot of people that I teach the first time or a lot of people that I see just walking past me at mom Hall when we have an eye in our hand and I'm that confident in this by the way I'm going to do this a four I I'm also going to show you how far it goes CU I know it's going to add some distance a lot of us sort of stand there quite passive we've got to get out of that what I want you to look for is this and again this is why it takes no more than 5 seconds is this bit should take literally a second so standing to the go ball we're looking for this now ball position for four Ry I have it around here my logo and have a look at that from player cam maybe compare that to your four hybrid or even your fiveon just take a note of where I've got that now this is essential I like to feel my weight is 6040 6040 to this side because it gets me feeling a little bit more on top of the strike I'm trying to hit down I'm trying to take the ball and the turf and the final point for that setup is that high position I really like to feel this and again from the player cam my Knuckles are on the front edge of that ball look how aggressive my shaft angle is well if I'm aggressive there I'm already in a situation where I can put pressure down the ball think if I start here I've got a lot to do to create I like to think of the go swing simply if I start aggressive I've got to come back to just where I started just with a bit more hip turn it's as easy as that right hit this one away moveing briskly and walk you through into stage two but I want to show you the distance that I'm able to achieve just even with a setup like

this to have a look how far that one went 193 on like a four out of five Pace swing not hard but still great distance with a fouron now I want to now talk stage two here and it's about controlling our Arc the one thing we've got to understand is with an iron we've got to hit down right it's hit down so imagine there's a circle in our swing relative to that golf ball we want to be hitting it on this area of the Swing not this area so that would be this area just to show you again to really Hammer that home not this area the downwards part of the Swing now a really great visual I show all my students and they go of course is this right imagine your belt book and your chest and there's a DOT on the ground the more they move right the more they move the more likely I am to Fat it and thin it what I want you to imagine is you keep those dots all on top of each other to have a look at this here that's just making a move like that so A back swing thought is keep the dots on top of each other so again have a look right if I move those dots off that's how I sort of I would move the bottom of my Ark keep the dots on top would be more moving that way I keep a much better relationship to the ball and that allows me to strike down so a nice simple swing thought you've got to keep in the back of your mind and again we'll tie this all together to why it takes just 5 seconds but in the back swing controlling the arc keeping the dots that are down here all on top of them not moving them off final piece this is just to Simply understand where does our weight move in the GOL swing and for a lot of people this just might take a few reps just to go H that's what I do so we'll tie this all together don't forget I'm walking you through these stages slowly so have a look at this right so we've already establish you want a bit more of an aggressive setup that weight favoring that left side so let's say 60 40 now listen closely to what I'm going to say here about how our feeling of weight and pressure moves slightly ly so we start 60/40 we move 7030 but I'm still staying my dots on top as I start my down swing as I get to sort of last parallel here I want to be back to 6040 impact 7030 follow through 90 10 now simply right think about this if I'm leaving my weight back here where am I more likely to contact the ground way before if I get my weight more here that's going to help me hit down it's going to help me get the ball first so simply those are the percentages with that rotation through the ball so let me run through that one more time there right 6040 7030 back to 6040 7030 90 10 it's that easy so tying this all together so why it just takes 5 seconds on the courses you walk in address your ball nice bit of shaffle and then you're ready to hit just like that and I'm doing that with a for rine I'm doing that with a club that is really hard to hit but I trust in that because the distance is good it's exactly the same 190 plus is last time this is why you've got to use those three simple steps and in 5 seconds you can take this to the course and improve your ball striking thanks so much for watching don't forget to subscribe and join the team so I can help you play your best s

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