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Why amateur golfers can't create COMPRESSION (what they don't tell you golf tips)

The exact difference between how your wrist works on chipping & pitching! Key for distance control and strike. Why amateur golfers can't create COMPRESSION (what they don't tell you golf tips) Transcript from the video: there is far too much confusion about how to use these wrists when do I [ __ ] them and move them up when do I hinge them and move them this way getting this right will really seriously help you create constants which makes your chipping predictable makes your pitching control in distance go to another level and overall help you lower your scores I'm going to show you everything you need to know in this video and this channel is powered by you the viewers so we're answering this question today Pete Cowan says there is a huge amount of confusion about when to do this and when to do this and getting it wrong is seriously going to affect your strike so let's clear a few things up right away so if I stand here and you go face onto me you'll be able to see this from both angles right cocking of the wrist is moving our thumbs up like this okay moving them up and down and I would say if you're watching this video just have a go at this understanding the concept is the first part of this video then Hind ing the wrists is working them this way okay now when we're chipping we have to have the idea that we have hinge okay so our wrists work that way okay look at that closely from face on wrist work that way now I'm exaggerating that right there it's never going to be to that extent okay really tone that down but just to show you exactly what the hinge is that is what we're looking for now the simple reason for that is if we just hinge our wrists it's easier to keep this shaft a lot more vertical to the ground now keeping it more vertical this way will allow you to get the ball rolling much quicker and as soon as you add too much cocking in this direction it can seriously throw the club off playe and that's why golfers lose strike I mean look at this and face on if I just Illustrated this with a good setup just hinging I'm keeping that line between my left arm and the golf club head pretty constant right soon as I start doing this a lot of things start to change now have a look at me playing a few here I just feel there is a little bit of hinge in there just to get that ball on the deck and rolling as soon as possible now if you come closer here just really have a look at my wrist so chipping we hinge we don't [ __ ] now look at this again little bit of hinge back and through it really gets that ball on the deck and rolling as soon as possible it feels like to me and and and hopefully when you're sort of looking at this now compare this to what you do I guarantee I see it all the time too much cocking okay one more you will want to stand here and hit chips like this because you just feel like you can get strike all the time now I played all those with pitch and wedge let's move a little bit further back now and go into when do we use this cocking because that is essential we're now a little bit further away roughly around 60 yards now I'm going to place have a look at this here you saw this in the thumbnail a TEEG in the end and I'm not going to use it how you expect because you've probably seen something like this before but let let me explain it this way so when we're chipping have a look at this in player cam just to keep the hinge we keep the teg pointing at us okay you can see that there and you can see it from player camp now watch this closely when we're pitching okay we need a little bit of hinge and a little bit of cocking so we need again going back to those motions you can see on the screen here thumbs up and a little bit away so I always think about it opening and closing of the door and thumbs up and down I'm not going to hit this one but pay attention to exactly what I do here for the first foot of my swing I feel a little bit of hinge and then I feel I [ __ ] it now simply I get the teg to point between my feet and the goldf ball you can see that from this player Cam and what I would say is I feel the TEEG at me okay up to hip height as my hands pass hip height my TEEG points to the ground I almost picture it a little bit like a laser so we have the idea that we're working the little chipping motion gradually working up to here and dead simple right have a look at this one here I'm going to play a few now and then we'll put a camera up by the green so you can see exactly where this finishes because there are some more details you need to know here so hinge to cocking through and the strike that you're able to get on that ball is really really good and I mean that because this will make your pitching action automatic so we've got the camera up by the flag now so you can see exactly where these balls finish there's some proof in the pudding here so you think about it this way for me to generate more speed taking the club off up means my club head has now traveled a lot further look so if I just hinged I would need a very aggressive body motion now we never want that we want that simple idea of hinge to cocking and the great pictures in the world that's what Pete Cowan says almost the club's in a position now to fall fall into place it doesn't have to be scooped and found so you think about this way and I really remember this statement move the club and find the way of moving the club to make the strike automatic well this is that so I feel on these shots alone just pointing the butt to the ground poin the teg to the ground watch

this a little bit of both and again that's the same flight that's going to hit the flag like did you just see how that reacted I'll play one more for you just so you can see this from face on and we'll put this in slow-mo pay attention to what I feel and what I do here again I almost get the idea of I have the mini chip and I work that mini chip just to go longer into the ground my weight stays on my left it's back hinge [ __ ] and through so that whole idea is me working the club a little bit up to allow gravity to fall it down this is a simple way for you to use your wrist in the golf swing honestly it transforms the way you strike your chips and your pitches

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Alex, I seem to have trouble with the tempo of my swing. Sometimes it feels good and other times it is off significantly. Can you share how you maintain an even and appropriate tempo in the golf swing? Thank you. JimB.

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