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Everybody Says "Turn Your Hips to Start the Downswing" But It Seriously Kills Your Driver

This is why many golfers slice and struggle to hit farther, straighter drives.If you start down too early and have that idea of your hips starting down, it will seriously kill your golf swing! This is an easy 5 step process to follow that will allow your arms to drop, combine power, rotate your hips correctly to allow you to gain maximum distance with driver! The hips do not start the downswing!

Starting your downswing with hip turn brings in many problems that cause higher scores.It can mean you have a greater chance of swinging over the top when you, miss out on using the hips as a power source to hit the ball much farther. Slowing your hips down during the golf swing helps massively, but it goes against everything you hear in the golf swing, but it's changes everything. This golf tip shows you how to use your hips in the correct sequence to drive farther and straighter.

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