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EXACTLY HOW TO AIM WITH EVERY SINGLE GOLF CLUB! Easy to use and take straight to the golf course

TRANSCRIPT FROM THE VIDEO: This is going to be what I call an instant fix for your golf swing I'm going to show you exactly how to aim your driver and ion shot a chip shot and a pit shot I'm going to play a few holes here showing you exactly how I do it but I want you to look at what I do here compare it to what you do and I'll show you a routine that you can develop at the range to just check this it doesn't take long at all now interestingly when people start to aim better their confidence goes up when they confidence goes up they are going to swing better hit the ball further you know right this game is so confidence-based so let's instantly fix your aim let's firstly start with driver the probably the biggest problem club for a lot of people and your swing changes you know when when you don't aim right so let let's get this AIM now as I say I'm going to show you this over a few holes but this is definitely a routine that you can just take to a Rain session or even take straight out onto the golf course if you wish now first thing and this is why you see golfers stand here and put their Club up like this they're trying to gain a Target line now I think this just makes logical sense but then I place a golf club down when I'm practicing straight down where as if I was looking to start this ball okay that's the first part so you can see that down here straight down our ball to Target line hopefully down the middle of the Fairway I then place my second Golf Club reckon one two let's measure it exactly for you two Club heads away one two Club heads away now the reason why I place it there is I think visually for a lot of us we don't understand these feet and we find it really hard so I think creating a channel closer to the ball makes a little bit more sense in our mind so you can see here I've created a channel for my target line then my feet now I want you to aim directly down that but in this order if I extended forward to this line and look at this on player cam the top edge of my driver would be at 90° to that line okay obviously we can't do that on the course but we can almost picture that so I place my club down first don't take my grip I then build my stance so my feet are parallel to this now there's a slight discrepancy you've got to do with driver here because that balls forward and we tend to throw this right shoulder out here let's just tuck it back so I like to feel my right elbow is just ever so slightly behind my left dead easy that's how I would set this up for driver I'm hit this one away look at this sail down

there straight down that middle started exactly where I wanted to finished just sort of right half easy as that right let's move down the Fairway look at irons pit shots and Chip shots because it changes so hopefully you've made a little bit of an adjustment there and can you you see how this isn't an instant fix for your game because if you're not aiming right and you make a decent swing you're going to diagnose that as a really bad one now we've got the exact same on this one in terms of drill setup so we've got our ball to Target line now what I'm going to stress here is and this is what I'd say to lots of golfers when you're out on the golf course on par 3es that are long here like the 11th at mom Hall aim it in the middle middle of the green avoid the flag so we've got our ball to Target line we've then got our feet line here which is going to run parallel to this as I say narrowing them off I think our brain just Twigs it a lot easier now this is the final time that this matches on the next two shots the pitch and the chip that's where this starts to change now one little checkpoint I want to encourage you to look for here with the shoulders is can we feel they match this so the right shoulder doesn't look closer from your view the left shoulders look closer try and get them what feels like equa distance to the golf club on the floor also if you look at this I just sort of placed the golf club a little bit further ahead because I want to hit down and I don't want you to hit your golf club so have a look at this I've got my alignment it's all parallel on the golf course this is what I do though I'm going to leave those sticks there and those golf clubs there sorry but imagine the knot so I'm going to pick my tree stand behind walk in place my golf club down and looking to create a 90° angle between my club Leading Edge and the target line then build my stance still not taking my grip shuffle my shoulders then take my grip that's how I aim that process and following that process I know I can swing smooth and hit the green more often than I miss it right okay let's move closer now the final one is the pitching and chipping setup now these will remain the same for a chip and a pitch the only difference being for a chip my stance would be one Club head width apart and with a pitch we're going to go to two Club head widths apart so a little bit wider and just think of that as a slight sliding scale the further I get away the more of a stable base I need and therefore the wider my stance so we've got the same boulder Target line as we had before I'm trying to start this ball straight at that flag there's no undulation down there to take into account that's other things I think about if it's right to left it's left to right just adjust your aiming accordingly now this is where it changes I like to feel and I'm going to just place this here on the ground that my stance and my feet and my hip hips let me repeat that again my feet and my hips are going to be one Club head open okay relative to my target line one Club head open so you could do it on the station that I just had there have a look at that from player cam how I set it up but placing this down here as a Rough Guide I'm going to walk him aim my Leading Edge like I did with driver like I did with the iron walk in now I'm going to get closer to this and what I'm going to do is I'm going to make sure my shoulders and this is parel you got to have this right my shoulders are parallel to this line but my left toe is retracted back this way by one Club head from my right okay so you can see that setup there my shoulders are still pointing down Target line or parallel to cuz that's what determines the Arc of our swing we don't Le this way we start to get a little bit across that Ball but what I want you to think about here is and this is the reason why we let these hips go open in a short shot we don't have as much momentum so we want to feel as though we can rotate through a little bit softer and easier so that's exactly why we do it let's sit a couple away here so down open weight left back through nicely away and that's a great shot you'd be well happy with that one oh just roll off a bit more actually than I thought thought it was going to spin and stop okay let's try and play this one a little closer back and through back and through played that one really nice little bit of skip and stop on that one so use those aiming lessons the whole idea of this is is that as we get closer our feet in our hips become a little bit open to our Target line but don't sacrifice the shoulders as we go longer everything stays a lot more parallel as we get closer everything moves a little bit more open thanks so much for watching don't forget to subscribe here to the channel because my sole aim is to help you play your best golf so subscribe turn the bell and a look forward to helping you play your best golf

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