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EXCLUSIVE FIRST TEST of the BRAND NEW 2024 Odyssey Putters! (Technology I haven't seen before)

Here is an UNBIASED AND HONEST review and TEST of the brand new 2024 Odyssey putters! This is a completely honest and unbiased review of all 4 brand new Odyssey putters. This is the brand new AI one and AI one milled putters from Odyssey. In this video you will see a full review of absolutely everything this putter has to offer, including, the tech in the putter, the performance, the look and the feel. This video will also go through all models available in both the AI one and AI one milled. Could this be the best putter of 2024? If you are looking for a golf club review, a putter review and an honest putter review then you have come to the right place. Be ready for the first putter of 2024, could this be the best brand new putter? So many golfers want to know what putter is right for you, best putter for 2024, new putters, best new putter, what is the best putter. Hopefully this video should answer your question! EXCLUSIVE LOOK and TEST of the BRAND NEW 2024 Odyssey Putters!

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