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Does your swing feel disconnected, or like they are "all arms? Watch this short golf lesson that takes 5 SECONDS! The elbows are so important in the golf swing but if they are used incorrectly then it can cause HUGE problems in your swing. Now, this is a short 5 step process which ANY level of golfer can use, whether you are a low handicap, mid handicap or high handicap golfer, this will work for you. This 5 step process takes around 5 seconds to apply but I have broken down each step in this video so that you can follow each step and understand why we are doing each step and the benefits it will have for your game.

One of the most common things golfers tell me during lessons are that the swing feels disconnected, or like they are "all arms." In this simple golf lesson from world Top 50 coach Alex Elliott Golf you will be shown a quick and simple routine that will make better use of arms in your swing and give you effortless power... instead of powerless effort!!!

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