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FINALLY An Easy Way To Create an Inside Out Swing Path! (INSTANT RESULTS)

Transcript from the video:

I'm going to show you exactly how you can fix your outside in swing path Now using this method on average I fix people's out to in down swing in around 5 minutes because we change the DNA of what you do in your swing as well as that I'm going to upgrade how you control this face in this video too let's get into it I'm also going to prove to you with data exactly how we have moved it now simply if you're swinging out to Wi we're in the down sing and we're sort of glancing across that golf ball I would almost count it as sort of a I guess a hammer move across the ball in this direction whereas what we want to learn is that isn't it that inside out swing path and we're going to use this data to help us show you this move now look at the screen here on the screen we have the good and the bad setup and what you will see is a distinct difference between where the top of my more the middle of my sternum is to my belt buckle let me explain this so if I grab this hoop and this hoop would illustrate our swing okay if we said our out to in swing would be on that angle exaggerated I know and our into out swing would be on that angle where a lot of us go wrong and that bad one we have with driver our Stern and our belt buckle sort of stacked on top of each other sort of in that motion now when we start here and this is what I was meaning about the DNA of your swing and why this change is so quick to make when they're stacked on top of each other this encourages us to swing more this way this encourages our weight to this way it encourages our path to move this way so you can clearly see stacking this way encourages a move AC cross so if we now put the good position right where my sternum feels a little bit behind a little bit behind my belt buckle well straight away I make the same motion look at what this is now encouraging I'm changing the DNA of my setup to start here to allow me to access this part of the circle so the first part of this lesson is just slightly adjusting that setup we've got one more foot and hip motion to make here but the first thing I want you to understand is we've got to have the right position of our sternum to our belt buckle we want it more here not on top and more in this direction change the DNA so look at this example quickly before we make that final DNA change if I have my chest ahead of my hip so in that motion that was the sort of sternum ahead of our belt buckle look how the club path here on the data is going to encourage that across look so have a look at this I'm going to exaggerate this and look where my path is encouraged to be now on the data here we are going to get as it appears 7.9 left so really across the golf ball now let's prove to you what happens when we get the opposite so when our chest is behind our hips now the final little tweak I want you to make with this DNA of the setup before we talk about this club face and finishing position which is vital if you want that high draw coming in with that into out swing path is look at this right we've already spoken about the Tilt with the shoulders changing the circle of our swing but another thing we can do here if I keep the butt of my club pointing at my belt buckle is bring those hips a little bit closed look what that's really doing it's sort of opening up this space where whereas if you made that first change but then had your hips here you can still see what direction my hips are pointing so really feel those hips are a little bit closed close the target to feel as though you've got that space so we're now going to hit this one away remember 7.9 left quite a way left and then we're going to talk about the final piece to this puzzle so have a look at my hip setup compare this to what you are doing it means that final bit of the club face here we go look at that setup I'm really behind it watch this just a soft one look at the shape I hit on that a little baby draw I mean literally I put so little effort into that and I swung 3.2 de to the right so I've changed from this to this just through making those DNA changes to my setup now the final piece of this puzzle is absolutely crucial because a lot of people go Alex well if I swing to the right I feel like it's going to go to the right well yeah that would make sense because if you leave your face open in that direction the ball would go that way but what I want you to focus on is this and this is how I would complete the swing I want you to feel as though as we're coming into the ball we have an element of our potentially our feeling of Knuckles moving away that would be a great feeling to square but the one I love and the one I tell my students is this finishing position but of the club points to Target now the reason why that works so well is if I don't point it to Target I tend to leave the face open if I point it to Target and I do this slowly it starts the process of those Knuckles moving away closing up the club working round and finishing like this essentially releasing the club thanks so much for watching don't forget to subscribe to the channel because this is your only place to get free simple gol tips that are here to actually help you yes you improve your game

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