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You have to try this! A half golf swing is one way that works for all golfers to GENERATE more power. Making a shorter backswing, full of MORE control, you are more likely to find the MIDDLE of the golf club, square the face and therefore create a more efficient golf swing with more power. This is a method I have shown to golfers of all levels and ages, from senior golfers to young golfers, and low handicap golfers to high handicap golfers. With the driver, the HALF BACKSWING For MORE POWER works for ALL Golfers!

When golfers ask me how to get more power, I always say a half backswing is the key for more power, and it works for all golfers no matter your age or ability and handicap. Don't swing longer in your backswing; just start swinging shorter, and I know you will hit the golf ball longer and straighter more often. You will begin to create a far more efficient golf swing in 5 simple steps that any golfer of any age can follow. A 3/4 backswing is the way to create power in the golf swing and WAY more power in the golf swing. Sync up the arms and body to get the club to stop just short of parallel.

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