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He Couldn't Hit The Ball Farther Until I Showed Him This Incredible Drill!!

Transcript from video: Now there is one huge misconception that golfers are getting wrong I'm going to prove this to you with data how hitting it further spiraling up in the golf swing not turning P Cowan says the biggest thing people get wrong is that the golf swing is a turn categorically it is not a turn let's get into this video let me help you improve your golf and also with driver hit it further this will surprise you have a look at the data here we've got a graph on the screen showing you the distance you hit it for your handicapp and age now be honest how far would this say for you now I know whatever number you are right now I can add 15 to 18 yards now that might be quite specific but that's a club longer with your driver okay we're going to hit this longer now the biggest misconception that golfers have is that this golf swing is a turn now that would seriously make sense if our ball was teed up at that height there okay it would be a turn if you hit it there okay that would really make sense that would be the term now the con misconception is that you want to turn you don't you want to spiral you need to spiral because have a look at this if you have the idea of turning that levels off our shoulders categorically we have to avoid that now let's just get to fixing this you realize what you're doing wrong and compare this to what you're doing now really look at this and go yeah I could take an element of that how does this compare to what I'm doing because you're missing out on yards that you easily have if you don't do this before we get into that though don't forget this channel is powered by you the viewers so we're answering these questions here today if you want your question answered just simply subscribe hit the Bell and hit the thumbs up button and pop your comment down below I'd love to help you play your best golf this year now not even going to have the golf club leave that on the ground this is the action you can do and bring bring it into your goal swing right now right look at this so come a little closer here I'm going to point a few points so we want to feel as we spiral up that's why we're in this circle we're spiraling up we have the idea that the weight and our pressure goes from our left foot to our right shin and then goes from our left shin to our right thigh and then goes from our left thigh to our right hip it goes from our left hip to our right rib cage it goes from our left rib cage to our right shoulder so look at this right that would be the turn you'd have no pressure now I'm here now I'm coiling up I'm coiling up in this swing and now I feel like a loaded spring to put the pressure back down look at me here feel those weight transfer points so from left side to right side coiling up this is what we want to really feel in terms of the body now a simple way for golf is to feel this would be like if I was pulling your lawn mower from my left side to my right my left side to my right this is the idea I want you to have for turning now as well as showing you what the body's going to do I'm going to show you how you can support your arm so an extra piece of information which will again add maybe an extra two or three to how far you hit this gol ball so the concept that I take on the golf course straight away I'm going to hit this one and we will show you the distance is I imagine a p piece of string from my left foot to my right shoulder I'm trying to really coil that up bring it to maximum tension right so the club is just going to fall down back into that slot it's going to fall on plane whereas as soon as we get that idea turn we've then got to refind the plane in the golf swing so watch this right I'm going to feel that coil that up from left to right and

up I mean that was hit so good have a look at this we've got carry on the screen here about how good this shot was remember this is carry 241 carry and again what's this going to finish in terms of overall total this will be really interesting to see we got loads of data on here but for honest all we're bothered about is this next one which is one click away there 276 total now go back to that data we had at the start of the screen if you're hitting at 276 finishing we are happy days let's go on to that little piece of arms it doesn't take long a minute here of your time and I want to get that 276 we'll get it over 280 with this idea now again you can see why this is a misconception I had no idea in my mind there of turning I had the idea of that and this is what Pete Cowan says all the time from left to right from left to right I'm coiling up I'm coiling up and what I thought was really interesting is he said don't ever try and hit the ball move the body better to move the club better to hit the ball further so the next piece of this puzzle is we have to understand what these arms do crucial absolutely crucial and it's dead simple you want to feel with your right arm at the top of the back swing you're holding a plate on the follow through you're holding a plate then are the two pieces of information you need about how your arms organized now that would be here on the back swing that would be here on the follow through so simply have the idea of coil and holding the plate coil and holding the plate I've used this for a few weeks now and I can't believe the difference I picture the string I picture the coil I'm spring loaded now to automatically come back to the ball watch this distance now I know this will be over 280 this

total that was hit so good I reckon that's over

285 on the nose

285 this is what you can achieve when you lose the idea of turning but get the idea of spiraling up in the back swing you're like a spring you're ready to load back down to impact and hit this golf ball further thanks so much for watching don't forget to subscribe to the channel this is going to be your home of free simple golf tips that will seriously seriously help you improve

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