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How Your Irons Should ACTUALLY Sit On The Ground! (SO MANY GO WRONG)

Transcript from video: I often get asked this question how exactly should my iron sit to the ground Alex should it be toe down should it be toe up or should it be flat and flush to the ground well in this video I'm going to tell you exactly how it should be placed on the ground now with a shot like this you 100% want to be getting this right we're infinum and on the Hills course how about this approach shot now it is more important what happens at impact what dynamic angle you have but having a better and more improved starting position will allow you to obviously have a better impact so first thing if you had the toe too down at the address position so as you can see here the heel slightly off the ground now having this will encourage a few things I encourage you to stand closer and taller to the golf ball it'll also force you to have the club more in the palm and I see common shots here with a lot of golfers where we come across the golf ball and leave the face open we struggle to release the club in this position so if I said to you if you're a golfer that is hitting weaker shorter shots with your irons then you're definitely going to be in that space of being towed down too much now like a volume button there are spectrums of doing it a little bit to doing it too much and the more you do it the more weaker your shots will become and the shorter they will travel let me share a little secret with you here one thing that the pros do is that they adopt these little nuances of being tow up toe down to help them hit certain shot so if you're looking to fade the Gul ball more I would definitely encourage you to get the hands a little bit higher and slightly tow down this is what happens when you get excessively tow up I'm going to have to aim way right here because y you often fat it and get huge curvature on your golf ball so if you're a golfer who gets the toe excessively in the air so the heel in the ground and the toe excessively up this will encourage you to get a more wristy and handsy shot through impact it'll also encourage your shots to start a little bit left of where you anticipate so you have to be really conscious of this so think about this logically tow up you anticipate in more right to left curvature more left shots than starting there than you anticipate and I often find again but like a volume switch the more you do it the more unreliable your contact's going to become but I often see golfers struggle with that ground contact struggle with getting it fat like I just did there so before I explain to you exactly how you want to stand to this golf ball you've got to understand that in the golf swing your shaft will Flex like this it will bow in that direction now that drags the toe of your Club more down to the ground so being to this way to this way will have a really big effect on where this club's going to come at impact you can also see here the importance of getting fitted having the right equipment and that's something that we just can't argue with in the game but having the understanding that the toe and the shaffle flex I'm trying to act like I can do it but it's really quite hard in that direction is how the club will work so you can see the L angle is very very important so the big question is how do we want this club to sit well I'm going to tell you right now it categorically is not flat to the ground we don't want it flat to the ground and for me this is the best way for you to strike your irons hit them longer hit them better what I'm looking for is for you to be able to just slide a tea Peg underneath the toe of the club now there is plenty of benefits to this simply it allows you to get the club more in the fingers as we said up here the taller we have the club the closer we stand to it the more toe down the more we grip it in the part obviously the lower we go the more we get it in the fingers the medium Middle Ground of that is slightly tow up and that allows me to get the club nicely in those fingers that's going to give me control that's gonna allow me to create leverage it's GNA allow me to have a better chance of square in that face it's always going to give me a good chance of creating that good Dynamic L angle I also often see it gives golfers the best chance of standing to this golf ball nice and athletically okay look at me here look how I'm standing to that here or here they're too far away from what we want and the final point is we actually more likely to get nice centered contact one thing that i' would always say though if you're a golfer go and get fitted for some irons if you're looking to be serious about this game no matter if I don't mean serious in the sense of playing a lot not becoming the best not becoming like a low handicapper it's not what I mean just playing more than 10 times a year you will seriously benefit from getting the right IRS for you to create the right Dynamic L angle so how I do it is I put my club down I get ability to sort of slide a teg under that I take my grip I then stand in and I'm stood to the goball then automatically you stand to what your Implement set like if you stood here straight away you'd stand differently if you put your Club down like this you would again stand differently so have a look at this shot now this is an intimidating shot 154 to the

flag we're dancing not get any medals for taking it on but we are middle of the green away from that water thank you so much for watching don't forget to subscribe to the channel for free simple golf tips five times a week

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