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I’ve made a SMALL CHANGE to my SETUP I'm hitting the DRIVES OF MY LIFE

Transcript from the video: when I show students this one minute drill they are amazed at the difference in their ball striking I've had so many questions here on the Channel all about ball position I'm going to give you the step by step guide exactly how to get it right with every single club now having the correct ball Position will affect your strike your direction and the way in which the ball will curve out on the golf course now have a look at this closely I've got 1 2 3 4 5 five gold ball set up each illustrat a different Club okay each half a ball will signify a club change look how influential this is now I've got this teed up go ball inside my left heel and then I've got my bottom of my Ark happening just before you can see as you go from a ball position towards the back of your stance moving towards the front of your stance you then start to hit from getting down to then hitting up you can see if the ball Club was to travel here we'd hit more down on this golf ball less down on this golf ball less down and then eventually hitting up towards this now this is a great way to think about it the further forwards you move your ball in the hoop more likely you are to hit up the further you move the ball back the more likely you are to hit down now there's two other aspects I want you to think about here your golf swing is built on an arc so having the ball a little bit towards the back can increase the likelihood of swinging into out having the ball too far forward for that club can increase the likelihood of you coming across the gold ball right let's get into this we'll start with pitching wedge and what I really recommend is I've chosen my even irons today you could do this with your odds you could do this with your evens and every time you go to the range I would just spend one minute this is why it's a one minute drill just checking out your ball position whether that's evens one day or odds right let's let's go so I've got my pitching wedge here just got this ball in my pocket just to signify where that ball position would be in my stance so I'm lining up the middle here and I'm putting this golf ball on the back half so the back half of the first golf ball would signify my pitching wedge position so that would be very much like this here maybe just take a note compare this to what you do because I guarantee if you're just slightly out that will affect your strike so first ball position half ball is our pitching wedge now if you were to move half a ball further forward this would then be 9on okay so the first gold ball is pitching wedge and N9 iron now have a look at this here we're going to go to this part here this is our a TI so look again this is where we were before and now we're on eight iron this back half of the second golf ball so if I grab my eight iron now again this takes one minute I'm taking it a little slower so you can all understand this but have a look now if I was to address there you can see where my a Time ball position just check the first go balls inside the left heel that is your marker to go right that is where my board position should be for a iron have a look at this in player cam you can see this now this maybe is a little further back a little further forward than you used to but this is exactly what we should do right okay let's now move on to six iron so you can see how quickly you can just check just reevaluate yourself and go right okay I've got my pitching wedge my 9 iron my eight iron my seven iron right my six iron is the back half of this gold ball which would be around there in my stance so I place it there we're going to hit this one actually now you can see again how gradually the longer the club the more I need to move it forward to give it time to square and I don't want to hit us down so that is why ball position so influential right okay six side have a look at this strike it should still be downwards essential for how we're going to strike

it you'll also add distance with this cuz you got so much more control have a look at this exactly what we're looking for with a six ion hitting on the down right let's move to the next club I'm really excited to show you the next angle of attack and you'll see we're now on our Fairway Woods how it is less on the down because going back to our hoop you can see as we go from back to forwards or from right to left foot for a right handed golfer we hit less down and that is a great way to think about it I just think when I show students that they just go ah of course that makes sense right okay let's hit this one away now again make sure the teed up golf ball is inside your left heel we've gone from where pitching wedge was all the way to our fourth golf ball and the front edge of the fourth golf ball now before I hit this one I remind you that we are powered by you the viewers so many people have asked Alex will you do a comprehensive video on getting the right ball position so we have now if you're thinking Alex how do I get involved dead easy just subscribe turn the bell and just pop your comment down below I hope you play your best golf I promise right here we

go now have a look at that one there minus 0.5 so just on the down I always recommend that with a fairywood I find golfers get a much better strike okay the final One driver driver ball position so hopefully now you've got that simple understanding of just moving it forwards and I can't tell you how much I recommend just checking this odds then evens odds then evens okay let's hit this one away and you'll now see this will be on the up and this is all just made to that ball position change

look at that go let's have a look at the data here this is 1.4 on the up all that did was allow me to get a maximum hit out of my driver and that is proof in the pudding thanks so much for watching don't forget to subscribe and just pop your comment down below

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