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Full VIDEO transcript - world number one coach Pete Cowan says this is one of the biggest errors Club golfers have standing too far from the golf ball we're going to look at your chipping and pitching and I'm going to give you an exact measurement so you can bring this into your game I want you to look at this and go how am I chipping and pitching right now is it good enough and look this is how you can improve it now on this channel we are powered by you the viewers and we're answering this question now if you want your question answer said it's dead easy subscribe turn the bell and just pop your comment down below so his idea is really really simple we want to allow the natural forces of the golf swing to take place like if you think about this logically if I grab any club in my bag and I swing it up and let it go it wants to return to Vertical doesn't it now the further I get away from that so imagine me trying to chip like this and again start to compare what I'm doing here okay to what you're doing in your swing now the further way I get the club always wants to go back to Vertical remember this so as soon as this club goes behind me like this here it wants to drop in this space now this forces us to sort of move rotate maybe move a little closer stand up the fats and the thins so the idea is simple the closer I get to the ball the more consistent the strike is going to be because the natural forces the clubs in front of me are all falling more vertical and there's not this change in shaft angle from here to here we're already in that space and that's the simple idea so have a look at how I'm standing right now I'm getting closer my measurement for chipping I have one two three Club heads from my back right foot now you'll also notice from my player cam perspective like I'm stood a little bit left foot back a little bit like this so you can really see that again one two three my shaft angle is a little steeper my arms are nicely extended and that allows me to keep the club in front again to use the Natural Forces to get that strike so that point it gets even worse is when it gets round this parallel position so we staying more over it more chest over it arms extend the down it's a really really good point okay let me play these two green ones away here have a look at this strike one two 3 you can just check it as easy as that too weit left back get that strike every time you feel like you can get that strike on the ball which is exactly what we want to get again watch this one be struck here again the strike is just the same every time oh dancing round the flag okay let's move move a little further back now let's go into where we hit these pitch shots and the slight change in distance now we've moved roughly around about 20 Paces back we've got this pitch shot all the way into the screen so there's two differences you need to look at what the wrists do a little bit and also our distance measurement from the ball so hopefully you've started to realize and compare to yourself how now the closer we get the more we can allow the Natural Forces to help us not hinder us and sort of let me got to react to where the shaft angle is moving back to so nice and simple this is the measurement I want you to go to and I cuz of practice I get there quite simply every time but I want you to check it every shot so I go to a position now where I'm one 2 three four Club heads away again from my back foot really really easy so let's talk about these wrists if you come a little bit closer here we'll show you from both but have a little bit of look at this your wrists can do this right and they can move this way now when we're chipping we probably just want a little bit of this okay a little bit when we're pitching we want a little bit of that and a little bit of that okay and all you're going to think of that is it's the L shape in your swing now the the great thing I like from this setup position the left arm and your Club head is like a constant so when you're chipping that's why gravity is on your side and you get that strike the club drops where you want it to go you have that same setup apart from being a little further away from the on the pitch and then you create the L shape so we've got a little bit of that and a little bit of that simple as that and just think of that as L shape L shape so you can see that from this angle that butt end of the club is sort of pointing in between my feet and the go ball allows it to return back okay let's h two in here let's see how we get this ball dancing around this flag and I want to show you a couple because I know I'm confident in this but I'm only confident in this even off a wet lie because I got the right distance let's H this one away get your four Club heads two four work it in grip in the middle my chest and arms feel like over it arms and left and right arm are nice and extended in that address position Not Bent again that's keeping the constants I'm keeping myself over I want you to really just compare this to what you're doing and this is the point where you can look at the pace the Rhythm as well here we go let's get this dancing around that flag four Club heads in use the

gravity it's going to be good this dancing around that flag there's one and The Sensation students get when they when they do this is that the club is falling the club is falling on that ball when you're far away you're fighting it you really are and that's why strike becomes fat then inconsistent here we go second one in there there's a little bit of room in there I guess one 2 4 takes literally 3 seconds to get

it again this is going to be good I know it I just know it at this stop on it proof is in the pudding look where they finished I want you to bring that distance into your game don't forget to subscribe to the channel and let me know what you need help with I want to help you play your best go


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