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I've Never Seen Any PRO Explain The Arm Position Like THIS!

Full video transcript - No golfers realise the correlation between their lead arm and the bottom of their lead arm and the ground it seriously affects your contact the reason why you slice and I'm going to show you how to fix it and power up your game because I've seen so many questions here.

I've got a three stage fix now at each and every stage I want you to compare and you to see the differences between what I'm doing and what you're doing because I said at the start of the video I want you to power up I want you to hit it further and have more consistency so what I want you to do is put your left arm out like this and this is how right-hander sets up this drill put it across your chest and hook it in but don't put your hand like this put it like this okay so your fingers are pointing out for a left-hander there's just simply be the opposite way okay you can follow along remember each stage compare it to what you do currently now we're then going to get into golf posture. Now I want you to really feel like your fingers which is essentially illustrating this part of your hand is going to stay pointing towards the ground and I want you to go until you feel the resistance and you can't go anymore. I can go way more and point this up but I don't want to do that so try and do for me 8 to 12 reps, warm to the ground two and the feedback that I get from people is that as they're doing it they feel as though they're really tipping over and they really feel they're winding up their core now the reason why you feel like you're tipping over in the past a lot of golfers have been standing up a massive cause of slice to really try and feel those touch points again I'm just feeling until I feel that resistance in my voice changes now just take a little bit of a note here have a look at this and play a cam I'm just going to sort of note where my shoulders are pointing in relation to my feet because in stage two I wanted to place two golf clubs on the ground and don't be scared guys if this feels like you're swinging shorter I want it to feel that way you will still create power and we're going to talk about that power upgrade in part three now we've got my first Club on the ground here which is just my feet line okay it's just parallel to where aiming the next one I'm just going to place on the ground here so roughly where I felt like my shoulders were sort of pointing sort of I thought they were like there that was sort of my point of resistance now I want you to understand this right when you're doing it slowly like that you don't have much momentum but if you take that same premise now into a golf swing you will go a little bit further than what I have as my lie on the ground and it'll probably be somewhere like that ample amount of turn but the whole idea is now at stage two make some swings hit some shots away but do it this way think about the gears in your car gear ones your slowest gear five is your fastest I want you to take some shots away in gear three very very important it gives the chance for your brain to feel what it's doing remember your brain is the driver of your golf swing if you do it too quick you won't feel the changes and you won't be able to implement them

So look at this hoop I said at the start of the video that this is not only going to help you power up but it affects your contact and your consistency and strike of the golf ball now think of your gold swingers a massive hoop so if I sort of just hold it there like that again this is sort of illustrating that part one if I keep that pointing towards the ground the lower part of my arm you can see how my hoop As you move down the line is sort of always operated in the same space okay so that would be that if however I lose that relationship and lose that correlation between my arms and my body I then flatten my circle now if I flatten my circle in the backswing I'm probably going to try and regain it in the downswing right that's that action so hopefully you're comparing your swing now going yeah you know what on a bad one I do have a little bit of that over motion so can you see how the first two stages about you building up the consistency and the strike again so feel confident in that what you're doing right now is really building your swing and improving it better right stage three I promise you I'd help you power up so this is how don't undo any of that good work a lot of people again just giving you some feedback points here to compare to your swing when they make this transition to feeling as though their swing is shorter they feel the need to make the dancing a little bit quicker so it all becomes a little bit rushed and out of control please don't do that okay please trust in what we're doing to power up I want you to keep the Rhythm on the swing and how I've got a trick for you to do this is I want you to feel that as you're winding up the backswing right you should be able to count to two it's one to the ball two all the way to the follow through it's just moving off the ball having a few practice swings here it would be keep the left arm to the ground one two so one back swing to ball one start of downswing to ball two ball to finish and it really just helps you gather the golf ball and the reason why it Powers up is I feel like I'm throwing my power here rather than throwing my power over here it's a simple concept but one that really does resonate with me resonate with all golfers because you can really feel the pace of the Swing so I'll say This Out Loud by all means you don't have to say this out loud that you might get some funny looks but remember those points and at any time go back to stage one building stage two and watch this at stage three

one two that's the best Drive of the day I've been filming a few tips here today I can't hit any better than that thanks so much for watching don't forget to subscribe to the channel and turn on the Bell because I really really want you to play your best golf I really do


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