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I've NOW STARTED My Your Right Arm in This Position and It's Like CHEATING

Transcript from video - you have to make room for your right arm in the golf swing in general but most importantly on the down swing now I've not just got one drill for you today I have three because I've realized over the years of coaching that many people learn in different ways so one of these will be the one for you but make sure you try all three to see if it's that Golden Nugget because if you're not making room it's going to cause you absolute Carnage today we're answering this question today because we're powered by you the viewers so you might ask Alex why do we need to create room for this right arm well if we're too close to this ball and we've not creating the space we might swing over if our arms are really stuck behind us again we might swing over and I see it as one of the most misunderstood areas of the swing that actually cause us to slice so let's get straight into this now the first thing I want to say is don't overlook any of these steps the first one being this the address position where we're starting now a little tip from Ben Hogan and I love Ben Hogan one of my big Inspirations of this Channel and big Inspirations of all my coaching I want you to feel like your arms in front of your body okay and that's really important we don't want those arms to be retracted back here even if it feels like you're opening that chest giving yourself room you're not I want you to feel this and this is honestly how I would walk into every single shot I would have my practice swings arms are in front and what I feel is that I'm pinching my elbows together where if I had a balloon in there I would keep it in but I wouldn't pop it so I'd walk in arms in front because now look how my elbow sits in front of my body I've got room for it in the swing so the first little tweak I want you to try is just pay attention to where these elbows are at the address position let's get them in front not behind it is as simple as that now watch this one fly like I've done this with many a student and they just go oh my God it flies Okay so you know what I'll do this as if I was hitting it as I was doing it myself get the arms in front walk into the shot right look at that position there watch this fly that was like frozen rope probably one of the best drives that I have genuinely hit in a very long time now if you're wondering Alex how do I get involved in the channel well it's really easy just subscribe turn on the bell and pop your query down below no matter how big or how small my whole aim and sole goal of this channel is simply just to help you play your best golf and it really does help me too when you subscribe and turn on that Bell now the next one and this is a real killer move in the golf swing in general that early extension now you might think what's that got to do with creating room well think about this logically if I stand up in this down swing my body extends my arms have got nowhere to move like look at this if I lean over and swing turn and back look how my arms have space right immediately I do that here my arms would hit the side of my body so the only thing I can do is is throw it over the top now if you watch this really closely and watch what I'm trying to do here is feel as though I'm more over this ball to start the down swing now there's a little bit of a secret I want you to try here to try and feel this and it's all about the sequence in the downswing so try these moves so this real couldn't be any simpler really this is dead easy address your golf ball with whatever Club you've got like I find a lot of golfers want to go straight into driver so let's start there cuz that's where you'll start you're going to place one of your your tegs that you've got in your hand underneath your left heel okay your next teg is going to go underneath your right big toe now the importance of that placement is because when we tend to early extend our Bel Buckle moves closer to the ball that's sort of this move now when you do that you don't tend to put any pressure on this left teg underneath my left heel it tends to all go towards the toes so what I want you to feel here is that you should really be able to stand here and just move left to right getting an idea of where those tegs are and that feeling of something underneath your foot I want you to think about this okay organize your movement around feeling a lot of pressure on the left TEEG and the right big toe so that would look like this wouldn't it I can really feel that left teg now look what that's allowed me to do allowed me to support my body staying in posture not here so first thing I always say this take your time with it guys just feel across your chest feel that motion for a lot of people it's going to feel like you might fall over here but that's because you're not used to it so organizing yourself around that having a few Swings with a club just across your chest and once you're feeling a lot more comfortable confident have a few shots away just giving yourself a chance of maybe including number one in there as well don't forget we got number three too and hitting some shots away with those whole ideas even just soft one like this you really get the idea of what staying in posture is creating that room and it gives yourself a chance to implement it in okay the final one now this is one that I would say is really overlooked and why I say it's overlooked it's because I do on every time I hit a drive what I do is I stand here I aim towards Target and I pull that right foot in now why I pull it in is obviously number one like we know when you've probably seen before I got a chance of swinging out to the right but what I feel it does is it sort of if I stand here I feel like my arms can get jammed on my body moving it back straight away I feel like I can thread the needle with that right elbow I feel like it can get in front so what I would encourage you to do is maybe try all three maybe try the first then the second and now the third of okay I stand to that shot I create that room and I feel that I can get that right elbow really working in front so let's hit this one away you can see can't you like look if I stand Here exaggerated if I stand here I've now got space and now feel I can throw that right arm in the

release it shots just like that that's coming back down the road side into the Fairway thank you so much for watching I do hope you enjoyed this simple golf tip and if you did don't forget to subscribe

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