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TRANSCRIPT FROM THE VIDEO - now I want to share with you a lesson that I just gave John two days ago he's off 14 and he then broke 80 using this method now I said to him John right you've got to keep the ball in play I also actually measured his expectations because only 2% of golfers break 80 now in this video I'm going to share with you his exact lesson that we used with driver to find the middle hit it straighter and actually bizarrely even though he felt like he was literally tickling the ball away it went so much longer let's get into today's video now the first part of this may seem very very basic but essentially aim and I would really encourage all golfers just to check where they're aiming because simply what your brain is telling you to what is actually the reality don't tend to match up but let me share with you exactly what I said because it's not just as simple as make sure your shoulders and your feet are in the right position what I said was okay once we've got our feet and our shoulders running on Parallel Lines with our ball the target line straight down here I wanted him just to check his forearms because your forearms have a big indication or a big impact on where you're going to swing the club now a lot of us as our ball goes forward in our stance and and this is exactly what happened to John and compare this to what you do you can even do this in the lounge in fact like look if I get my forearms pointing left like Illustrated with this alignment stick where am I more likely to swing a little bit to the left right if I get them too much to the right where am I going to get them pointing and Swinging very very out to the right now what I always recommend with drivers and this is the alignment Hack That I Used was I always say I want your right forearm to be under your left and this is just simply because your ball position is forward in your stance so I said to John and this is what the routine I want you to use is this exactly left toe out right foot away okay I'm aiming down to Target the last little tweak that I had was just feel my right elbow is an inch below my left and this just gets your swing to be in this space so that was the first part of this lesson now you saw this second bit in the thumbnail so if we com in closer here I want to talk about te height now I've said many a time that I like to tee the ball high when I'm trying to hit it long way and tee the ball a little bit lower when I'm looking for control because simply think about it this way if you Tee It High you let it fly you're more likely to hit it really hard what I want you to do and this is what you saw as I say in the thumbnail is Tee this gol ball much lower than you would normally this is the trick that I learn when caddying on the European tour teeing it lower now when we said this and we teed it lower we also made a little bit of a compensation here of gripping down we're looking for control to break 80 you just can't have a disaster so we've got the idea of aim we've got that lower teg and you can see this here from the player Cam and on a closeup exactly how I'm teeing this up and then where I'm holding that there we've covered two points we've only got one more now but let me show you this one because you will be surprised how far I hit this with very little effort because simply I've got more chance of finding the middle now I've got my setup I've gripped down I've lowered the TEEG now look I'm going to hit this one away and just look at it fly now look at that fly it's going down there it's absolutely bulleted in a great spot and have a look at this down here coming close that's gone

272 with very little effort right we would take that every time right the final piece is all about Rhythm and I find when I teach people this it's a bingo moment now if you're wondering where does all this content come from and where do we get the ideas well it's simple it's from you my sole aim with this channel is to help you play your best golf so to get involved with this simply subscribe to the channel turn on the Bell cuz today we're answering this question here and once you've done that you can pop your query down below and always reply app to you so you know that your question is being answered so simply think about this right we've got our aim okay check we've got some control and you'll be surprised how far I hit that 272 with very little effort we've then got our control of shortening that shaft now think you hit your Sand Wedge better than you hit your seven iron you hit your seven iron better than you do your five iron because the Le is shorter so we've done that we've also got the te height just to bring in that little bit of control I now want you to think about Rhythm now this is a thing that eluded John up until doing this video it's really quite simple I want you to use this routine and I said to him this is something I want you to not even think about the range I want you to just take this to the course and that's what I'd encourage you to do you're going to make three practice swings and you're going to make three practice swings where you step forward you swing back you step forward you swing back you step forward you swing through now that might have looked like just three r really good flowing swings well that's what it was now what I said to him was well do that before you hit every single Drive bring into the fact of your setup bring in all that knowledge but work it like this and I bet you this one goes even further but looks even smoother look like so this is what I said to John you make one you go through without stopping you go back you step closer you go back you step closer I also have no thoughts in my head I address I grip down my tea Height's already sorted I checked my forearms we're in look at this

fly I hardly hit that I hardly hardly hit that that was a beauty of a hit 272 pretty much the same again not quite as far but that's what I'm saying right 272 in the winter is more than acceptable 272 in the summer is more than acceptable use those three little hacks aim better grip down with a better te high and finally think about your Rhythm use that little rhythm trick before hitting your shot and I guarantee you will break at0 cuz you'll lose their scull balls and keep the ball in play

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