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Moe Norman’s 5* RATED DRILL is a Game Changer

Transcript: the closer you get to this position at impact here where you're able to touch your left knee with your right hand the better you are going to strike it like I mean way better so if we compare some of the best ball Strikers over the last 10 years or even 20 years or even more actually Ben Hogan Tiger Woods Tommy Fleetwood they all have something in common as they come into impact they get lower and cover the golf ball as we look at most Club golfers we tend to get a little bit higher now we're going to use a mo Norman drill today and I've got my own little twist on this to help you cover the ball and strike your irons if you look at me here and place a line on top of my head I swing back I come down into impact I get just that little bit lower now we've already established that a lot of golfers get higher and think of the importance of this like imagine there's a little person in that that hoop if you go lower you move your Arc ahead of the ball you're able to now hit down on the go ball if you stand up our hoop is then moving up like this and that's why we get the thins that's why you get the fats and that's why you really struggle to strike your iron so let's get into this Mo Norman special drill that easy to set up come here you're going to grab two tegs put your grip down just like this and place both those tegs just ahead here so we've got roughly a grip width and tegs down that's going to be the focus of where you're staying low to okay three parts to this there's other little tweaks and my variation to this just to help you simply understand let me help you walk through the simple process to strike yours now you you might be thinking Alex why do we need to get lower well it's it's simple and this is the logic behind it if I as I get forward shaffle and look at this where does my club head go it goes in the air okay so if I swing now without getting lower I'm just going to miss the ball so the whole idea is for us to have forward shaffle we need to get lower now let's go to this mon Norman drill the focus is that we're going to swing low through those t's we're going to imagine that's where we're trying to be low down to Okay so we've got our Focus point what I want you to do is feel this now watch really closely what I do I have an element of shift element of shift rotation now to get a good feeling what I want you to encourage is place that golf club just in front of you in front of the golf ball in between the tegs and the ball just like this just in front and then want you to have a little bit of weight shift and a little bit of turn now look I want you to stay here just feel feel this now so many golfers learn with feel and learn with a visual now when you're doing it yourself it's so hard to visualize this so let's get the feel so stay here now you know you're in the right position cuz you can touch your left knee you can touch that left knee there really feel that position for me that really feels like I've got lower I'm covering it I'm sort of you you can't be sort of RI off the ball at this stage can we at all so again so place it in front feel it lower now what I encourage golfers to do then before we move on to stage two is just hit some Away really focusing at that point of the tegs we're trying to be low so watch this I'm going to hit this softly and and I'd also say that as well that's the feel remind yourself can touch my knee right okay there's a shift here that's what I'm looking for here oh did you just hear that noise I hardly touched that and it's r ripped off like come and look at this divot it this is exactly what I wanted to show you look at this T divot swung through these pegs okay let's move on to stage two now now I realized that I brought stage two into this because some of us won't learn with just stage one of feeling it we need a little bit more Focus we need a little bit more of a process to work through so what I want you to do now so we all know monor was a brilliant ball strike cuz he didn't move this way jam and get ripped up off the ball he was over it he was covering it low and able to touch this now this just a reminder and if you're new here welcome we're powered by you the viewers we're answering this question today all around ball striking not only with the long irons I have here but with any irons if you want to get involved in this it's dead easy subscribe turn the bell and just pop your query down below no matter how big or how small so the second stage I always have a few practice swings and just finish around this height and the idea is really quite simple of we have the shift we have the turn I want you to finish low enough to be able to touch the inside of our left knee if you've come up and being ripped off that ball you won't be able to touch it and don't be scared to put a bit of force in this get a feeling of what exactly we're trying to do so what I would now encourage you to do if you're in a lesson with me hit one away just like that and the goal is can you touch your left knee after you've shru the ball away and I'm saying shru because your ball striking is going to go from here to here okay so let's hit this one away just a little swing again I'm not trying to hit it hard just a little one and feel that position back that's the goal of what we're trying to do just be in that position not be ripped up and move off it now got one final piece of information if you look close at my knees before I hit this one here and play the we'll play the video that I just hit look at that slow-mo of me hitting you'll realize that my knees don't move outside the line of my feet so you imagine right from that down the line there's a line here my knees aren't moving off that I'm trying to feel so my knees stay inside my feet line that way I find golfers react in a brilliant feeling of okay there's more natural and open rather than stand and shift a really nice simple swing thought to finish on here you got your process use your Moorman drill my favorite is just feel that through the tegs come back and then think about the knees not going outside the toe

line simply like that and that way you're going to be able to strike it better take it to the course thanks so much for watching don't forget to subscribe to the channel

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On a typical par 4, most of my approach shots are in the range of 125 - 160. So I'd likely be using something between a 9 iron and a 6 iron. My shots fall short of the green 75-90% of the time. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

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