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The worst advice ANY golfer or golf pro can tell you is TO KEEP YOUR head still and LOCK your head in place in the entire golf swing. Keeping your neck and head loose will allow you to move your entire body freely and hit the golf ball longer and straighter with your driver and irons! I GUARANTEE this will change will naturally gain you yards with driver, you genuinely can't go wrong. This move will help you to increase distance effortlessly by finding your natural golf swing, improving accuracy with driver and natural power, and it is so easy to apply, straight out on the golf course. This is a golf lesson i have used on so many of my clients and it works so well! Top 50 world coach Alex Elliott Golf talks you through a really simple way to fix a huge driver issue and will find your natural golf swing very quickly. You are missing out of if don't use this method, you won't be getting the power you can naturally get!

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Nice tip. Going to try. I’ve always had a problem of lifting my head just as I’m about to hit the ball.

When you said 150 to 160 at the end we’re you talking about distance?

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