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Transcript from the video: So many golfers are baffled by this have a look at this position where I go from here to here like this look at my hands my hands have gone into that position now all of us would say Alex that is flipped that's not something you should do we should be like this well if you're doing that yeah I like the idea of it because you're promoting this but it gets us to really see this breakdown it's costing you power it's costing you accuracy I'm going to show you the p G GA release today something that's really going to dial up your speed allow you to whip the club past the body if I showed you this on the screen right here right what would you honestly think really what would you think a lot of us would go that is flipped Alex that is flipped look at this from both angles face on and then from my side you can see I've got shaing I've released the club into that position where my right hand has slightly crossed my left now but you can still see my left forearm and that is key now on the screen this is what I'd actually class as flipped not what you're imagining because very simply golfers right have a look at this here golfers are really trying to get shaelene in the wrong way we're stud here shoving these wrists forward like this because we're obsessed with it not being here but that's fine that's what I'm going to show you I'm going to access it and you got to go through this three stage process so you can access it not just once but all the time now let me back this up with some evidence have a look at these great ball Strikers on their follow-through position let's start with current day we've got Victor hland great Ridder cup we've got John Ram exactly the same position have a look at that right wrist and left wrist on that follow through we even got then Adam Scott and then if we go back to some of the greatest ball Strikers of all time Ben Hogan did this Jack Nicholas they were all in what we're looking at the left wrist a little bit cued right wrist over fully releasing the club now again this is what I'm going to show you to get out of this early release or shoving it forward like this we're going to get you to be here look how I unload the golf club with chaffle and then I release it through my butt end of my club and this is a great reference is pointing to Target there and look at my wrists you've been told that's wrong it's not listen to this noise before we get into this this is what you're going to be able to get speed okay three stages follow these simply I'm going to walk you through these stages like like if you came to an actual lesson with me cuz that way it sticks okay we don't want to rush through this so please make sure you dial in each stage if you want this to last in your swing so the first stage you can actually start implementing this at home right now Palms okay just put your palms together really just watch closely what I do with my Palms okay I'm going to really do the this slowly so you can see it we'll go close in and then we'll move a little bit out but look I move my Palms back this is then my shaffle look at the angle of my palms and then I'm releasing it over all the way to this follow through position and you know what this is going to look at the flow you get this is the flow this is what we're trying to do and what I'd really recommend is doing 8 to 12 reps really slowly just back through there's your shaffle move it over and finish it that is exactly what I'm trying to get you to do because a lot of us are stood here going either release it early or drag drag drag okay if I keep dragging and pushing towards Target something's got to give chicken wing we don't want that you've been trying to get out of that and you think that's getting you out of it so one more rep here before we move on to stage two just look how I'm not static in the body I'm keeping this moving that's really important too to be fair here we go watch back shaffle round back shling round so really feel that it's stage one again have a look at this slowmo on the screen really compare this to what you're doing in your golf swing and think ah I need that shaing I need that release I need that whip I absolutely love this drill the push drill now when I show my clients this all of them absolutely go you know what Alex boom I get it and we all have a bit of positive feedback right when we're trying to learn something so the push drill is really I find that like 90% of us learn visually so let's go with what are we trying to achieve really have a look at this follow through we're trying to get there aren't we look at the butt end of my club pointing to Target that's what we're really trying to achieve that's that isn't it my wrist are there just by getting the but end of that club to Target and that's that follow through it's not this so I get loads of people to do this push drill straight away they go like this cuz they're trying to keep that idea of that forward chaffing this way lose that idea now please to me that you've got to hold the angle the whole idea of the wrist is to unload it and release it through so the idea of the push drill is dead simple I want you just start from a standing start have a go with no ball to start with but we're going to push and get butt end of the club to Target now just look how the golf club worked on an arc there you can visually see how much faster how much more free my swing is then when you're feeling a little bit more confident get the ball and just really watch this I'm going to push this through look at my butt end of the club is and again look at my wrists that is what I'm trying to get you to do it's a really easy stage two the push drill is trying to start here get that follow through but end of the club to Target now again think of this look at all the top players remind yourself of those positions we're not holding this angle that's what it's holding it is we're trying to get that release to happen just like this to get us here that's not flipping like I say lose that out of your mind all the top plag you can see on the screen here Jack Nicholas Ben Hogan all them used to do this and even the best players right now as well in Victor hland okay the final one is we're hitting some shots away and I'm going to show it you from here not where it's going because I want to show you the quality of what you're going to be able to achieve in your swing so dead easy I'm going to swing through get my but of the club to work here swing back hit the ball so this is the flow I want you to have again we're going to swing through bottle the club back back and through through that's the idea one away and I've got this ball on a slight TEEG here just to give me a little bit of help I'm learning so I'm not going to get it perfect every time but I'm trying to implement those feelings from one and two into a realistic feel back through through again really getting the idea of allowing that club to pass my body like if I was here and unloading through thanks so much for watch watching don't forget to subscribe to the channel and turn the Bell because I want to help you play your best golf

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