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ONCE You get BEHIND The Golf Ball YOU’LL UNLOCK 35 EXTRA YARDS with Driver!

Not sure how to get behind the ball with driver, then please start learning this upside down Y method with driver in the backswing. Learn how to hit up on the ball and increase your driving efficiency with this new correct method. We all want to get behind the golf ball when hitting driver but by how much? We don't want to sway into the golf ball with driver, we don't to lift into golf ball. This simple golf lesson shows you a brand new method that gets you behind the golf ball correctly. We all want to gain power and the correct turn in the golf swing because that is what will generate you POWER! But so many golfers go wrong. Follow this new method and start noticing huge gains! In this video, PGA Top 50 coach shares their advice on how to achieve tour-level results with a simple drill that is quick and easy to implement straight out on the golf course so you can get more consistency out of your golf swing!

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