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One Simple Tip For Hitting The Driver Straight Every Time - Golf Swing Drills

Transcript from video: This is a real eyeopener now my clients absolutely love this drill and they go wow I can't believe how straight I hit the golf ball now in this video I'm going to show you how you can hit it straighter but not only that how you can also hit it way further because we're going to control this club face so SLE this drill just like this two Club head widths apart and you would have seen that in the thumbnail that's the measurement and this channel is pointing to this flag now the reason why we are so close to this flag is simply you want to understand how you control your face this is a lost art and because we're close to the flag you get the idea of where that Ball's now starting so this is something that I would do at the driving range just for five 10 gold balls nothing crazy okay also guys just to let you know that this whole video and this whole channel is powered by you the viewers I did a poll the day and a lot of people said I want some more accuracy with driver I'm giving you both distance and accuracy in this video now if you want to get involved in this and have your comment and your query answer dead easy just subscribe and Pop It Down Below in the comment section your comment and your query okay so this first stage one of three here I want you just to hit some mini shots towards the Target now I'm going to hit one to the right here first because a lot of people do this and they go oh wow that has gone really right now you imagine you do that at speed where's that going push SCE City then you might do it again and then you might overcompensate and you might stand here and then hit it way to the left but what you will learn to do now and and you know what I let students just learn this on their own how do I control the club face better well I want you to learn to swing the golf club and the arms more as a unit when we lose this control and lose power powerway driver it

becomes all guided all guided and and think about this now compare this to what you're doing so I want you to really hone in on stage one here of learning to turn through that shot more arms and body and the idea is you should be able to start that ball directly like that one down towards that Target and I'm that confident I can do that and the go s the same just with more speed every time because I'm not relying on this if I do this you can see how much the club face moves compare that to this way more under control I'm sort of pivoting around myself I'm working that way and that's what I want you to learn but you do that so that's simple the idea is start it down your channel keep the ball down the channel just like this right okay we'll hit this one and move in stage two but look where the this starts back through Straight towards Target nearly even hit the flag that's the idea get the understanding and this is the Lost Art of where your Club face is pointing stage two now this is a little trick that I learn on tour when I was caddying and it going to sound strange right but I have three te Heights yes I have three te Heights the first one I have is my low Stinger so like really like windy conditions number two I have my high bombs away which I would use on wide open par FES think about it te it High Let It Fly if you te it really high you're going to really try and give it a lot more we're about hitting it far but having some control here then my final one this is what I have as my Fairway finder now just to give you a relative height if you use Castle teas the low Stinger is going to be around the blue the high bombs away is going to be sort of a pink and maybe for some of you an orange and what I class as my Fairway finder which is going to be a lot lower than what you would use normally is a white TEEG now I don't use Castle te's but that is what I would go so low let's go in this order is the blue the high bombs away which is going to be sort of your pink or your orange and then white white is the one I want you to think about where just the top of the ball is sitting above the face now I know that sounds strange but I just think of it this way when it's teed High I give it more beans when it's teed a little lower I'm more inclined to make that smoother swing smoother swing I got easier from that stage one this is building blocks here stage one of controlling that face I got more chance of controlling the arms in the body like I say this is a trick I learned on the European tour formerly European tour now DP World Tour but seriously all the pros are doing this amers AR let's move to stage three Tempo the final part this is literally the most forgotten thing of the golf swing how do we control Tempo what is it now one of the things that struck me is one of my students James he came to me after the rider cup and was like all these players didn't look like they were hitting it hard but it was going so far that is because they had Tempo now every go has different Tempo but what I wanted to think about your Tempo is this as a simple guide and and this is why it it's eye opening because you will feel as though you're hitting it softer but the ball is still going to be traveling a long way and we're going to prove that with some distance with the full swing launch monitor here so here we go so I want you think about your Tempo I want you to count in your head where you go one to hip height two to the top of the back swing and three for the entirety of your down swing so remember this is three things that you can do to H it longer it's eye opening because you're still going to hit it straight most people hit it long and lose everything here we go watch this I'm going to shout it out loud you can do it in your head one two three best drive with a lot that felt so good and I just gone so far look 280 yards down the middle felt so good this is what you can achieve work on those three elements bring it into your game and you know what hopefully I've helped you play some better golf this weekend

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