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Possibly the Fastest Way to Start Achieving the CORRECT Driving Distance (must watch)

The correct driving distance is actually achievable making this one change and it cures so many of the issues that you are currently facing with your driver. First of all, so many golfers are over / under hitting their driver and as a result of this they are preventing themselves from curing so many problems with their driver. This sounds strange, but if you don't hit your driver the correct distance, it actually impacts so many other aspects of your game!

So many golfers want to know how to hit your driver longer, how to hit your driver straighter, how to find more fairways, simple driver drills, best driver drills, correct driver distance. In this golf lesson Top 50 world coach Alex Elliott gives you a simple driver lesson that talks through one change to start achieving the correct driving distance AND how to instantly add this to your game.

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