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SLOOOOW down your golf swing and your scores will drop big time (THIS WORKS)

Transcript from video: if you make your down swing literally go at a snail's pace promise you you'll hit the golf ball further because it allows you to feel the resistance in this down swing so I'm going to show you exactly how to build this into your swing and hit the gold ball further I'm very excited to bring you this tip today two reasons one because it really gets you hitting it further but the second one is that we're answering a question that a lot of people have been asking here on the Channel all around down swing how do I get up how to I head it further but not lose control now this channel is powered by you the viewers and we answer your questions so simply subscribe turn on the bell and just pop your comment or your query Down Below in the comments area so what I want to do here is I've got four gold balls set out and this is something that you can feel either in your pre-shot routine or something that I would actually really strongly recommend you do at the range or in a net wherever you've got the space to do this it can can be done with irons or driver so we've got four gold balls it illustrates four parts and four speeds the first one is going to literally be at a snail's pace now the real importance for this is to get that feeling of resistance in the back swing when you're trying to improve your swing and making swings really fast you don't feel resistance resistance in the downswing equals speed spe power and distance so look at what I achieve here and these are everything that I know you should be comparing to you right now and going do I have that and be honest right if you want to play your best golf be honest with yourself so have a look at this the first stage we're going to literally go at a snail's pace you get the feeling of that left arm being straight in the back swing but as we stay down now and do a snail's pace down swing you can really feel the resistance in the Torso the left arm staying nice and straight understanding where my club face is releasing moving through to that finish and it might sound stupid but stage one I want you just to hit this away about a yard Hit It Away about a yard so watch this get the feeling of organizing all the motion and the resistance in the swing that will allow you to improve your swing much quicker than doing whole part hole okay let's move into stage two the golf ball that you use has a massive impact on how far you hit it now I've been gaming in all my videos the Vice Pro Plus because this goes the furthest and gives me the best feel around the green for my game now if you want all the latest information on Vice golf the latest collaborations the latest deals everything that's going on click the link Down Below in my description and just sign up to their newsletter and that way you'll always get notified and keep yourself in the loop just as I do okay let's move on to to the next phase this is number two so I I mentioned the first one is done at a snails pace so really slow we're going to start adding some speed on here and look you might think this is really basic but this is what the pros are doing weeking week out to keep their game consistent Club golfers aren't doing this you're getting a secret here right so next phase and I think about this at gears in a car we go from snails pace so gear one we're now going to go to gear two okay you're getting some rhythm you're getting some feeling so watch what I do at this pace the ball won't travel far but just look what I'm doing I'm feeling the resistance in my swing a little quicker I'm feeling everything about the technique I'm trying to achieve correct building it up frame and speed by speed moving on quickly onto our third goldl ball gear three we're going to add a little bit bit more speed now and this is where it starts to really get fun when I've done this with students they go wow oh wow look how far this Ball's going and in fact I'm going to show you on these two exactly how far it's going to go so I've got total set up here now one thing you realize and I'm going to repeat the words of what a student said to me is I don't need to go faster than sort of gear three gear 4 it's going far enough and actually further but I'm straighter this is what I want you to get you start to really feel that resistance but it's so important that you've done stage one and stage two up to this point stage three really look at the speed that I get I'm laughing because you just feel like you're coil down because you've done all those stages so have a look at this right this is stage three look at the distance this goes look at the pace that I hit it

at easy peasy distance easy peasy it's got to be at least 230 at least

230 look at this 260 yards and that is gear three just think what I do to gear 4 and that's because you're improving the quality of your swing not just I'm going to slash and try and improve well on to the Gear four and like I say I know most cars might have gear five and gear six but you don't need it it's about the currency of the golf game is hitting further and keeping it in play right and gear 4 gives you just all that so the trick that I do on the golf course and and I'll be honest I use gear four that's what I feels my best is that I make one practice swing before every single shot that is at gear one to really get the feeling of the correct technique the width the turn the Imp posture whatever it might be it's what I do and then I stand in the shot and this is my gear for swing well if that went 260 this is going be 270

plus that literally just felt I uncoiled onto that golf ball and that's the noise you're going to make time after time that is that's long have a look at this that's a great way to end this video 294 yards plus you have to use the geil method start at snail's pace move up and also check your golf ball thanks so much for watching

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