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STOP SWINGING OVER THE TOP! - How The RIGHT Shoulder Works In The Downswing! KEY MOVE!!

If you're swinging over the top, the culprit is often your right shoulder, and it can significantly impact your golf swing, leading to a loss of power and a dreaded slice! The key is to prevent the right shoulder from dominating the golf swing, particularly during the downswing, as allowing it to pop out and work over the top can be detrimental. In this video, I demonstrate the exact move that addresses how the right shoulder works in the downswing – a crucial key move!HOW THE RIGHT SHOULDER WORKS IN THE DOWNSWING! KEY MOVE!

Follow these steps to eliminate your over-the-top move and improve your golf swing, especially with the driver. Learn how to hit from the inside by focusing on the right shoulder. We've outlined 5 simple steps to ensure you're making the correct key move:

The KEY Move:

1. Perfect setup and driver stance

2. Club-across-the-chest drill setup

3. Turn back and practice lowering your right shoulder

4. Keep your back to the target for as long as possible

5. Drop and turn through to the target with the right shoulder staying low.

Implementing these steps will help you improve and make the necessary adjustments for a more effective golf swing.

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