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Stop Turning Your Body Through Impact And Start Throwing The Club Like This...

This golf lesson is KEY if you want to learn how to use your trail arm properly in the downswing. It can save you so many shots and stop those ball striking headaches. In this video, I'll show you a fantastic drill that can be used no matter your age or ability. This is super easy to set up and you can use this right away! Stop turning your body and start throwing the club just like this, you will automatically get more open in the golf swing than you ever have before. I have used this with so many golfers and it works a treat! You will start to train your body and arms to get into the right position so that you will consistently hit the golf ball longer and straighter. The trail arm is so important in the golf swing and so often I get asked, how to improve the downswing in golf, where to position the trail arm in the golf swing, trail arm, golf swing tips, golf tips, turning your body through impact, start throwing the club, simple golf tips.

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