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The Best DRILL I'VE USED To Compress The Golf Ball Like The Pros

I think for me this is MY best golf swing iron compression drill that I have ever created! Let me know how you get on with this one!

Transcript from video: hitting out the toe hitting out the heel is costing you so many yards now a lot of golfers don't actually know where they strike it on the Golf Club Hitting out of here hitting out of here I'm going to show you with this simple drill exactly how you can always find that middle because we're powered by you the viewers and today we're answering this question first things first right we better make sure we've got the correct distance because if you've not got the correct distance on the golf ball you could be reaching for it overcompensate and hit the heel or even then just hit the toe because simply you're too far away if you're too close we're more likely to find that heel of the golf club well a really quick simple check that I would actually encourage you to do it at least two or three times in a round and I don't really see many golfers do it actually in fact I hardly see any golfers do this so address your golf ball just as you would normally and what you want to be able to do is just firstly check are is your grip end of the club roughly a hand span away from your belt buckle okay another little checkpoint is you should be able to sort of let your right hand just work through the space if it's hitting or there's loads of room you know you're either too close or you too far away now just to reset yourself this is really important it takes no time at all before we go into my favorite drill to help find that middle strike you can't underestimate how important this is forget your golf ball to start with get your feet around shoulder width apart or sort of ankles and armpits is always a great measure Club parallel to the ground now we want to sort of set the club when it's parallel to the ground now with roughly that hand span okay set that up here you've already set that distance all you've got to do now is til over to the club hits the ground then slightly bend the knees so no matter what club you've got we want to roughly have the same distance of a handpan every single shot because that's going to help make the golf swing replicate over and over again and we forget about that don't we it's a swing we've got to make hopefully as little as possible but we know we have to make it at least probably 60 70 times within round okay so this Center strike drill now I've seen drills like this before and it just doesn't do anything for me because golfers don't get feedback whereas with this version you do so you can actually in a session at the range orever you want to practice this get some instant feedback right away nice and simple all you need is two tegs now we've seen drills like this before as I say but you don't get good feedback for one and number two you can do this one at a range where you can't put tegs in a mat can you now you're going to put your tegs either side just like this and it works for few reasons with irons obviously we want to hit down don't we so we want to feel as though we're hitting into the turf so we can use that as a reference point I'll explain now I would start off if for being realistic and this is what I say to all my students where you've got roughly a fingertip either side as you feel more comfortable just Edge them in closely now if you were to strike out the heel this teg would move and go down the range if you were to hit out the toe this teg would move and fly down the range also now you also look at this from a different perspective as from the player can what I would be concentrating is now you see with my vice tegs I've got this bit of yellow but you obviously don't need these I would want to be feeling as though I contact the ground from the yellow forwards not from the back edge of the teg almost halfway down the tegs and forwards so that way I'm working on a downwards hit I'm also working on a centered hit that is how you're going to add serious yard cards okay let me hit a few away to show you now I'm going to apply exactly what I have just shown you I'm going to hit three shots and let's see the averages and when I hit it out the middle compared to the 141 and 137 from when I hit it out the toe and the heel and you you probably saw my hands going like this as well okay so I've got that visual look at this on player cam exactly how I've set up with it I've started this nice and wide on the first one and we'll Edge it in to help me improve strike and location of

strike oh it was ripped see the divot as well that was so good first one away that was a beautiful hit let's go straight into the second can't wait for you to see the averages of all these three so I'm now going to Edge these in from the toe side and the heel side so there's more of an emphasis on strike now this is where it starts to feel really tight and you might want to just check that distance again something as I say a lot of golfers over a

look that was even better than the first that was so straight and it's so windy that's one thing you find when you start finding the middle more often those strikes become even better and the final one I'm really going to Edge this in a little bit closer again this is crazy there is literally just enough room for my club to pass through this and between the first and second shot I've actually hit it 10 yards further and I've only hit two shots so it's so important and I love this one as it's different because it works on the downwards hit right it also works on that centered

hit I'm going to say that was the best of the bunch I thought I me hit the TEEG there but they're still standing I didn't even feel that there we have it 160 on the first 10 yards F on the second 170 and my last one 167 like I'm going to say to you when you try that drill you'll hit those shots where you say I didn't even feel that thanks so much for watching don't forget to subscribe and just pop your comment down below if you need any help

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