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The FIRST move to start the downswing (DO NOT FALL FOR THIS KILLER ILLUSION!)

Please don't fall for this killer illusion that is affecting so many golfers including mid handicap golfers, average golfers and high handicap golfers. If you study the swings of the best golfers in the world, there is an optical illusion that can easily lead to confusion, please do not fall for the this killer illusion How we turn our body is a huge part of the golf swing, it is not always easy to achieve, I am aware of that, but I have made a simple 4 stage step that has worked on every single one of my clients. If you are looking to mid handicap golf tips, average golfer golf tips, iron tips, simple iron tips, golf tips, downswing tips, simple downswing tips, downswing moves, then this simple golf lesson is for you.

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