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The last putting lesson you will ever need (VERY QUICKLY IMPLEMENTED)

transcript from video this is my best putting tip of 2023 and we're talking about that 12 ft range that must make range or the one you've got to be holding more puts if your puttings out of whack this will sort it out the question I get asked repeatedly is Alex should I stand here and try and take it straight back take it straight through or should I try and purposely Arc the stroke well I would do neither what I mean by this is if I stand here and I have the idea of keeping my but of the club pointing at me and my sort of hands have the idea of traveling straight back naturally with how the club is positioned and the head is position to the hands it will make a slight Arc you can see that there and if I stand straight to you the putter is working from here slightly away from camera back towards where it started then slightly away I'm not changing anything that is the natural Arc so just as an overall rule of thumb when you stood on the golf course just try and get the club to Arc naturally it's not something you should purposely do that is seriously quick down that slope so I'm going to make this nice and simple for you to follow so I've broken it down into three simple steps the first one is keeping this head still we don't want it to be looking up changing moving too much so I've got a little trick here because it's not as easy as you think it is now go and grab yourself a fresh brand new TEEG and you're going to pop it in your mouth stay with me here you might think I'm crazy doing this but when you're stood over your put right you have no sort of perception to what your head is doing as soon as you place the teg in your mouth you can then see the TEEG moving therefore you have a much better perception of what your head is doing so really nice and simple stand here teg in hit some puts and get the idea of trying to keep the teg staying in the same position back and through I know that one's crazy but it really does work the next drill is the club under the arms trick now what this means is firstly I always want you to stand here and have the putter shaft going through our forearms or certainly matching that it really feels to me that you have a much better perception and relationship to the put ahead you'll also notice as I'm doing that my arms aren't behind the seams of my shirt they aren't back here they're in front of the seam in my shirt they're still on the side of the body but on the front and that's really important because now I can move it as a unit back here well look how I've got to then move the putter It all becomes a little bit flicky a little bit risty and like you just have to make compensation so I know it's hard for golfers to get that sensation so grab a golf club place it under your armpits like this and you really get the idea of where the arms want to be I've still got everything everything I said but I really feel my arms are in front and I get the Club rocking look at what I'm doing there straight away I have that sensation of a rocking motion with the right relationship of the putter to my forearms this is the feelings I'm looking for from down the line you can really see that look at this that is the action I want whereas when that Golf Club isn't there they can certainly get a little bit here and a little bit flicky so they're my first two and I definitely saved the best till last and this is something I've sworn by all season long and done before majority of my puts on the course so my final one this is all about our shoulders are aim and you have to think about it this way right your shoulders are almost like your train tracks wherever they're pointing will determine pretty much where you're going to hit the puts let's do it relative to this flag here so this is a little hack that I have developed I just want you to address a put naturally as if you're about to pull a trigger and this is what I started to see in my swing okay you're then just going to drop your putter put your palms down now if you look closely this is what I do naturally and it gets me every time look how my right hand is over my left slightly well that means my train tracks now are pointing a little bit to the left aren't they we ideally want these to be naturally hanging the same not here not here so the opposite that of that would be if I stood here and got like this drop my Putter and I'm here well what's my stroke going to be like this really gives you again a perception of what we're trying to train now you certainly couldn't drop your putter on the course but this is what I did right I set up to a put just inside the ball dropped it onto my thigh and drop my hands okay I got a perception an idea of what I was doing and we we want to be able to stand here check it make them even and then hit the put so we've got a real perception oh how did that Miss of that we're aiming our train tracks absolutely perfectly when we're out on the golf course this is a real must make distance here and in whether you're saving par making a birdie making a three-pointer taking a bear off your mates whatever that is we want to make sure we're hauling more of those pots thanks so much for watching don't forget to subscribe to channel here Alex El golf for free simple golf tips five times a week

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