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The NEW Padraig Harringtons BEST TIP of 2023! (BEST DRILL I HAVE USED)

This is a recent trending chip on youtube and one the best drills i have used to make an instant impact and improvement on my golf swing. This Padraig Harringtons best tip of 2023 and I am going to talk through how i have applied this to my game and how you can bring it into yours! The art of chipping is one that requires patience and practice, good drills that can easily be applied and taken onto the golf course straight away. Padraig Harrington states there are a number of reasons why golfers struggle when chipping, it can be the result of an incorrect body position, breakdown of the wrist positions through impact, this can cause golfers to duff their chip shots, flip the golf club! If you want to improve at chipping, stop duffing you chip shots then this video is for you. I want you opinion on Padraig Harringtons best tip of 2023, get in the comments! In this video, you will learn the unique tips to improve your chipping game.

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