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this is the real reason you're not creating Club head speed now you've been told countless times that you have to get the club working like this but for me that's dragging the club through impact I'm going to show you that we actually need to apply some Force to the handle if we want to increase some Club head speed now this video works for anybody and I say that because no matter if you're young old first starting out and playing golf or been playing for a while you can get some more speed doing this now this channel is powered by you the viewers and we're answering this question today so let's get into fixing it now we're going to be applying more Force to this handle so if you look at this right this right if we swing this club okay it's going to generate some more speed cuz it's a golf swing a lot of us try and drag this handle through okay we know which one's faster now if you wanted to make the first one even faster if you applied some more Force to the handle look what happens it increases the club head speed in the golf swing now I know it's probably costing you one two even possibly five miles an hour and just to put that in reality here this is going to make you hit it possibly 15 yards further without actually doing too much now the first thing you have to check guaranteed now I had this conversation with a student that had been playing gol for a long time and he was like nah my grip's okay but when we looked into it it wasn't and it was costing him Club heads speed so this is exactly what I want you to do and just compare this please this is really essential that club it needs to be in the fingers okay now the really important thing is it's going to mobilize your wrists look how easy I can move my wrist now if you don't have it like that and the opposite to that would be in the Palm my wrists are very immobile if your wrist are a mobile you can't create speed you can't I promise you so make sure it's in the fingers just like this now my trick for doing this on the course and I do this a lot of the time just rest the club on your left shoulder let the club go in your fingers look at this straight away it is in my fingers Club down in front done easy the first part of this is done and I would actually say and I say this to all my students when you make a grip Improvement a grip mot hit a few shots away because the club will actually feel a little bit different to what it did feel

like tell you what you take that all day long that felt effortless okay let's move into the real meat of this video now actually this is my arrow jet I've been using all year and if you're interested in Golf Club reviews I've got a brand new channel how good golf link to it is down below go and check out the review of this and all the top drivers of 2023 but don't do it just yet make sure you watch the end of this video first so you can see how you can unlock mobilize those wrists and get some more Club head speed I'm going to prove this to you got Club speed up on the launch monitor I'm going to show you what a lot of golfers I see are doing because of what we're taught and then going to show you the increase I bet you at a minimum this is going to be 5 m an hour more okay so let's hit this first one away and just look at the club head speed here this is what I would say a lot of us do I'm going to stand narrow stance just to show you this I'm going to really feel like I drag this club through when we're sort of drilling keeping this left arm and golf club all in one line the handle and the club are then going at the same speed here right that's that when you get the difference afterwards handle slower Club head faster that's what we want to get so watch this all at the same speed all in one line that was my version there terrible shot really low now that was 88 mph actually to be fair a lot more than I thought I was going to get with that now look at this right I'll show you how to access this but if I stand here and look how far this one goes now okay I'm going to be working the club more like this think about what I'm saying here my club head speed is going to increase and there's going to be a massive difference between my club head speed and my hand speed when you keep it in one line they're both very very similar okay have a look at this same effort but look at the club head

speed naturally Just Whipped through that ball look 91.5 that's going up from 88 all the way to 91.5 just on that little swing that's a lot 88 89 90 91 and a half and without even doing much right okay so these are the screenshots I want you to imagine in your mind so if you stand here we're looking to go halfway back mobilize those wrists a bit more create this L shape think that's not creating a lot of speed this is creating a little bit more speed as we swing down now we're trying to create that look at impact then as we swing through we're trying to create that look on the way through the three screenshots are again one two three okay now I'm GNA tell you what I feel on the golf course but what I would say right now is have this drill do this drill if you're at the range thinking Alex I'm baffled I just can't create speed I can't even close that face because if you drag you're more likely to slice too is stand here one Club head width apart stance and just go on honestly hit some shots of me going back through you'll honestly be surprised at how straight at how far and at the quality of the hit there we go there's another one up there again again 90 mph this is why I trust in this method golfers go to another level when they start to do this so let's talk about what I feel on the golf course because this is exactly what I would feel now obviously we want to make a little bit of a longer swing right we naturally do because we don't want to stand narrow and do it like that but why I want you to imagine is on the golf course to get that aspect of the L-shaped swing that would be this to this can we feel just that simple I get my butt of my club that's this grip end to point all the way to Target at this finish position and I honestly really fully believe that's going to help you access that speed look at the speed on this one this is sort of the big version of when you've done a bit of practice it goes up to watch

this that was absolutely ripped I really felt like that club was whipped through there 105.9 now a lot of people I teach don't even get anywhere near that but I know that you can add that yardage to your game thank you so much for watching use the L-shaped swing stop dragging and whip through if you did enjoy this video please don't forget to subscribe to the channel because we're powered by you the viewers and my only Mission with this channel is to help you play better golf

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