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It Only Takes Two Moves To Create Lag In Your Golf Swing

Full video transcript - This is the lag and drag drill and it works with every single one of your irons whether it's a short iron like a scoring iron we're going to use here on the 15th or one of those long IR you use in the long par 3es this drill really makes you put pressure on the ball and pressure is Strike now all these videos are powered by you the viewer and we're answering this question today all about striking these irons now I want you to think about this just really logically and compare what you're doing your in your golf swing to what I am saying right here now let's think about this if you want to put pressure on the ball that's like that action isn't it like if you look at this one down the line it's that action really putting pressure on there now what I see most people do and this is where the logic comes in as we start our swing it moves out and like this look at my forearms as I do that and also look what that does to my club face now you think about it logically if I make that motion on the way back what motion have I got to make on the way down this motion right if I go like this I've got to come back like this it's like if I hold the club up here that to that so the lag and drag drill exactly what is this there's going to be three stages that simply if you follow these I guarantee you will get that pressure on the golf ball I promise you so this is the theory now watch this I'm going to do this one-handed this is stage one we're avoiding that right so if I drag the golf club I then can lag the golf club if I throw it away I've got to throw it back now this is an exaggerated version but look drag lag keep watching that from both actions right look at what I'm doing there and what I'd really encourage you just to have those one-handed practice swings getting the idea that the handle so where you're holding the club and the club head move away a little bit more together and then you can lag it in really exaggerate that motion as opposed to the handle staying quite present and the club headed going massively behind us now that is going to be way different to what you're doing and the pressure you're going to create on that golf club is going to be far far more Superior now as we go into stage three you're going to see a camera up on the green so when I hit a couple of shots away you can see exactly where that gold ball is going to land and see that it really is proven to work so stage two now we're going to put both hands on the club and we're going to take a narrow stance so I would want you to hit a few both balls away maybe sort of eight to 10 with a stance that I've got here and the idea of we're going to drag the club away and we're going to lag it in and let it hit the ball okay now this is going to feel very very strange and very different to what you do normally but remember we've got a drag to lag so watch this narrow stance really pay attention to this strike watch the Motions that I create I'm going to drag lag now I just meant to hit that about 50 yards but that is seriously just flown if you have a look at this here I created a really nice divot that is what we're after so the whole premise is if you drag you've got the opportunity to if you throw it away you don't now I know the first time you do that it's going to feel crazy so don't be scared just to create keep creating a few practice swings drag lag drag lag and the whole idea is that you're you're starting to move the club as a unit and then you've got the space to move it in so the next stage we're going to we're going to take a narrow stance to start with okay we're going to line that ball up in the middle of your stance right what we want to do is we're going to make a back swing now to around normal stance width apart now normal I've got my a tie and would be just sort of armpits and ankles but what I'm going to do is I'm going to drag the club away take that step and now I've got to make a dynamic move with that lag with that rotation to hit that Gul ball away now this is going to feel very very strange again we're going to hit one doing this but I would suggest if you're at the range maybe hit 8 to 12 again so you can really see how we're starting to formulate a great practice this session and that's something that I want you to do so watch me again here watch this so I line the ball up middle of my stance I'm going to drag and take a step lag and finish it off right okay we're going to these this one away I'm I'm going to show you where it lands and also then hit another one exactly how I would take it to the course because this is one thing I'd say a lot of golfers don't realize golf is a constant Improvement constantly trying to get a better strike and this is how you're going to do that so can you see how this whole idea is going to help you improve now we're going to hit this one away and again it's giving you the space we're moving as a unit and then bringing it in and that's that power isn't it if I'm bringing the club in here that's Force that's this action down on the ball not this scoop and flick towards the ball that's something we've really got to avoid okay right let's hit this first one where we're going to take a step away see where it lands again I got aan in my hand ball sort of towards the middle of my stance step and make that lag and


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