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This Driver Set Up MYTH Is Seriously Costing You Shots!

Transcript from video: Driver eludes so many of us and the wrists in the golf swing are so misunderstood you have to think of them this way they're like the steering wheel so get them right you hit it further reduce your curve hit more Fairways stop it going right stop it going left you know exactly what I mean now Richard's asked a question here on the channel because we are powered by you the viewers yes you watching right there we're powered by you so today you're answering Richard's question but if you want to get involved in this it's dead easy subscribe pop your comment in query down below and you could be featured in another video here on the channel because every single one of these is about you yes you watching right there helping you play your best golf now I'm also going to prove it with this video of how far I hit the golf ball with my launch monitor now there's two main areas I want you to really pay attention to compare it to what you're doing right now in your golf swing I'm going to go through these two key areas now now the start of the Swing is essential right because if you start with the incorrect wrist motion you've got a lot to do to get back to square right you've got a lot to do to find that club phase pointing somewhere towards Target now let's go over a few key areas here at the start of the swing and this is the first point I want you to compare to what you're doing right now now have a look at this so halfway back if we had our toe up like this we would classify this as an open Club face now have a look at my wrist angles here if you can close that is what we would sort of see for an open Club face this sort of slight cupping of that left wrist so toe up and cupping would nine times out of 10 correlate to that face being open okay first place to avoid have a look at that are you that that would cause a slice you got a lot to do to recover from that now if I just start that again if you're very much sort of Club face pointing to the ground this is what we classify as a very closed Club face and then look look at my glove there look at my glove that's pointing down towards the ground so that would be very very closed so what we want to achieve and what we're looking for in the golf swing is this we're looking for a position where we find the golf club just here like that so you see my spine angle there if we put a line on my spine angle a line on the golf club that is what we're looking for and have a look at my left wrist it's nice and flat and to get this let me just tell you a really quick way you can achieve this really easily and even if you think your takeaway is okay and it might be stage two use this right so when I see golfers become a little bit intermittent miss it right miss it left their whole driver of their DNA of their swing starts with their wrists I want you to think of your golf swing as very much a one piece takeaway we've heard the name banded around but this is essentially how you're going to do it hook like this hook your right hand under your left and all I want you to do is feel like this core moov moves the swing right so that's how it moved before no core let's say I want you to feel that look how it gets the club in the perfect position I've not moved my wrists at all to this point of the Swing let me show you that again really from face on pay attention you'll feel way more rotation and that's that power source too right let's check on position number two but first let me hit one away I get excited about this because I know I've worked hard on position two that's why I get the

distance that was absolutely launch I don't think any straighter than

that now have a look at this total distance too this is what we're going to achieve this is what we're going to achieve Richard you can achieve this you can add 20 yards you can add 15 yards not only Richard you as well all the viewers watching this video right now you can add Distance by controlling these better okay stage two now also as a bonus part of this video I'm going to show you just grip as well very quickly because it's very important to have the correct grip to achieve the right wrist angles now let's go top of the back swing Point number two top of the back swing now this is where so many of us go wrong really just dial in now dial in the concentration to get this right everybody here we go I really want it to improve so watch this so as we go to the top here very important where you start your down swing is pretty much from this position now if you have a very cooked left wrist that is this angle this would correlate to a very open face so you really have to save that down sing look at this with my face we to save that down sing on the way through now how many times we going get that right right okay let's go top of the back swing again if you're really bolded this will be very closed Club face now a lot of top Pros do this but in reality for most of us we haven't got the body like John Ram to rotate crazy so let's be realistic what I want want you to again compare this to what you do most people are cups that first position I want you to get there our left wrist nice and flat so imagine a credit card under there it would sort of be nice and flat all in one dead easy that's what I want you to do and all I would say for most of us to achieve that is because we're so bothered about being here I always try and feel my logo is a little bit more to the sky CU in reality we're never going to go too far with it okay so we're trying to achieve flat let's hit this one away look at the distance again maybe I can add even one or two to that 281 and this is how you should be thinking get it right at the start get it right at the top P you add distance and keep the direction under control too it's a golden moment for

you oh it's got to be longer again look how straight it is it's got to be longer it's got to be right here we go Bren the the pudding come on look at this 287 287 look at that I've added more yards so whether that's 250 for you watching right now and you go 255 then you hit another one you go 258 you keep creeping it up like that you will enjoy your golf way more and that's what I care about okay just 30 seconds more make sure your grip is correct because if it's not those wrist possessions are all out of whack now this isn't what you think it is you need to again concentrate here and get this right so first thing make sure it's in the fingers and that's just that squishy part on Top we can thank bang Hogan for this one again I can't tell you how much I just check this all the time that's what we're looking for face on we're looking for two and 1 half Knuckles and this crease into our right shoulder put your right hand on again I'm feeling as though that sort of that there that crease in here sort of goes over that thumb like this and those crease between my forefinger and my thumb goes into my right shoulder dead easy just check it use those positions add some yards thank you so much for watching


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