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This Is Why 90% Of Golfers Can't Hit Their Driver Straight! (Trending NEW Concept)

Transcript from the video: this is my new trending driver drill and it works perfectly because it's directly controlling your Club face and Club face is massive when you got such a flat front to your Club so let's get this right and straighten up your driver now we are in the sunshine look at us we're on the Hills course at infinum Gulf Resort and this is just going to be perfect for this tip cuz this is a narrow t-shot 17th here now this TEEG it's not going here where you've seen it plenty of times yada yada yada it's a totally different position and it works way better because you can really get an understanding of when you've got it right when you've got it wrong and that is why you will directly improve your stroke so before we get into that te placement we have to just make sure grip is right and don't overlook this I say this to my students like yeah yeah I know it's right I had a go for five handicap the day grip wasn't right five handicap so look look at this right there's a few things we've got to avoid if you want to hit it straighter we don't want that grip in the Palm so we don't want a big gap in here and we don't want it running through that area okay we want the club in the fingers that meaty part is on top first thing we then want to be able to see and I always say this for golfers let's sort of feel two and a half Knuckles on our glove hand so as you look down from player cam copy this this is what you want to see with that left hand it will feel like your wrist is rotating on top of the club to the right hand side placing your right hand on you want to feel this is really important and this is what I think people forget you want to feel like you've again got it in those fingers like this area here and then feel that pinch between the first finger and the thumb to where both of those creases are pointing into the right shoulder that is it I know you might feel like you know grip but you've got to make sure that's right okay let's get on to the next phase now the second place where a lot of golfers go wrong is that top of the back swing position now if anytime you've got that club face wide open your whole swing is now a a message of recovery we can't have that so I want you to do this we're going to place a TEEG once you've got your grip nailed place a TEEG between your thumb and your first finger right up in that crease so it should sit as you can see right there from player cam now this is absolutely perfect it works on top of the back swing and the down swing and as I said at the start you just know when you've got it right and when you haven't so I want you to do a few checks and I I'll show you this on player cams you really get a reference for what you've got to copy so we're going to swing it to the top now what we've got to avoid at all costs is that teg pointing back towards us now it could be back down towards us a little bit it could be a lot and the little bit to a lot like a volume button the more you do it the worse and the more recovery you're going to have to have so have that teg pointing away from us sort of over our head as a really good reference point now youve got to sort of have a few practice swings there so that becomes automatic cuz it's going to feel a little bit odd at the top of that back swing and I would just stand here and just at one point just go you know what pause check it right that's above my head if you then do a a freak pause and it's pointing back at you you know that first phase needs a little bit more work but let's H one away and just feel that position the feedback that I get from students is that they're really twisting those Knuckles away from them to get the teg to point over their head they're really twisting it like that they're not they're just twisting it by a little minuscule amount but let me [ __ ] this one away then we'll move into the down swing because this is a really great way to keep this drill giving you better shots

on a left to right win that too we're on to this final stage the down swing because this T can be used in all stages now I said at the start of this video that you're going to straighten up your driver face because you're going to get the understanding of how you control the club face we've already nailed that in the back swing we're now into the downswing phase so if you don't get the feeling in the back swing straight away don't worry that is normal just have a few more reps at doing that but now we're going to move quite quickly into this down swing now the simplest way of thinking about this is as we're at the top of the back swing the teg is pointing away from us I want your objective as you're keeping the club head behind your hands keep the teg pointing away from you okay as we come into impact pointing away from you what we're trying to avoid and have a look at the difference on this on playing cam what we're trying to avoid is that TEEG pointing at us and the club heading in front you can really see the more CED I get the more open face I get the more the teg stays pointing back at us so don't undo your good work in the back swing fix the back swing and keep the teg pointing away from you I would really encourage you just to I've said this in the start really and all my coaching with all my students do some slow practice swings really nailing those points to get a sensation of what you're trying to achieve and just every so often increase the speed a little bit but ideas are simple here get the TEEG Place between your finger and your thumb and keep the TEEG pointing away from your all cost now watch this shot right I'm going to use that same discreet little feeling in this

shot oh again I've managed to hold that on a left to right wind without that feeling that's something I categorically could not do use it improve your driving hit it straighter thanks for watching

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