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This is Why You Can’t Turn Through the Ball

This is a serious problem for SO many golfers, here is an EASY SOLUTION! Here is the real reason ALL Can't Rotate through the golf ball And How To EASILY Fix it. This is based on what I have seen from all of my clients no matter their age, ability, or handicap. In this video, discover the reasons why you have no chance of being able to rotate in the downswing and how to easily fix each of them.

Every golfer on the planet needs to learn that rotation occurs as a result of other variables in the golf swing, which includes golf posture, your clubface positioning, the width of your stance, the depth of your swing and the position of your shaft, this is massive! This simple golf lesson with PGA Top 50 coach Alex Elliott Golf will go through 7 simple steps to address all of these issues, you will effortlessly notice an improvement in your body's ability to rotate in the downswing.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned golfer looking to enhance your swing, this golf lesson on This is Why You Can’t Turn Through the Ball is a must-watch.

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