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Why Amateurs can’t create Brilliance! So simple and NEVER SEEN! IRONS & DRIVER

Transcript from video: good with your irons you're someone who swings the golf club a little bit more up and down now if you apply that same up and down motion with a shaft angle like this okay what we don't want to see this it's very hard to create brilliant shots it's very hard to maximize distance and it's actually really hard to hit it consistently down the Fairway so what I said to him is we we need to make your swing and your swing right here if we want to become brilliant with this driver more round so let me just talk you through this process it's really easy and compare this to what you're doing right now we've established we need to get our swing to be more on this angle not the AI angle that's the first thing we've got to get so what I said to him is stage one was just to put the club in front of you and swing the club behind your right shoulder okay to behind your right shoulder so the easiest way to make your goal swing flatter is have no up and down motion now if our club's already at this height we can't have any up and down motion right we simply can't so I said to him go make sort of let's say 10 to 15 swings just around here at shoulder height the next stage we said okay let's just go down a little bit sort of like a 45° angle sort of just from here to here just a little bit down make the same motion round the shoulder to round the shoulder round the shoulder to round the shoulder so you can see I'm making a much flatter motion I've just changed my pitch of my body now when the balls on the floor there will be an element of up but for the sake of this we're trying to get away from an up and down swing to a more rounded swing so stage three from this was just simply and I've got a great drill which is the one I left and and and sort of said to him go and work on this one and use this one as your drill which I'll show you in this video two well stage three was make that same swing but just feel as though the body turns hands behind the shoulder to hands behind the shoulder and straight away going back to those angles look we're now swinging more here and not as much here so you can sort of see and I would say we did this sort of 10 15 20 times over working through the Reps not hitting shots and then going and hitting shots so let's hit this one away and all I'm trying to imagine is I'm swinging my circle more here because this is the shaft angle that I've got so watch this one fly for me back through all I imagined was that I'm swinging that Golf Club around me more behind my shoulder and turning that chest okay let's work on this drill now the one that I left him with and the feedback from this drill was so good so can you see the difference if you fight the angle of the club that's why it's so hard to create brilliant shots now I've got this drill and this is the one I left him with because it's one that you can take to the range build on this swing to really know if you're training that more rounded motion that flatter swing and that's how you create Brilliance with the longer clubs don't try and swing them like short clubs this is why it's never seen before because you don't think about matching the shaft angle to your swing now the feedback I've got from this drill is crazy goers go of course that makes real sense so remember with our long eyes to create that Brilliance we're trying to establish that we want to make a more rounded swing yes there will be an element of lifting up but you've had too much of that we're trying to make it round where we got those hands hanging down around our heel in our swing so I plac an alignment stick in the ground here and pointing directly down Target I put it in the ground just simply because I'm on the course if you're at the range you can just fit this into a basket now the whole idea is and it's roughly about three Club heads in the air the whole idea is if I lift up too early so create this motion I would hit that alignment stick what I'm trying to do is encourage you to go around you around you now what I say to all my students is when you're first learning a new skill because you're not going to get it right straight away let's create 15 to 20 practice swings give yourself a chance to not react to a ball flight and actually improve the mechanics of your swing so what I recommend is 15 to 20 practice swings just hitting the teg as if you're hitting the ball and then roll into this then become more comfortable to make this move watch this one go away watch my positions compare this to where you are and I know you will start to hit drives that feel effortless and Brilliant just like that thanks so much for watching don't forget to subscribe to the channel and turn the Bell that way you always get notified when we release a free simple golf tip that will really help you improve

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