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Why Amateurs NEVER TURN like Professionals! The Shoulder MOVE to AVOID!

Video Transcript: this is exactly why you can't rotate in your golf swing and I bet you never realized that your wrists stop you rotating yes your wrists we're also going to talk through two of the huge reasons that are stopping you rotating in your swing we're going to show you how to fix them and power up your game unlock that rotation now the reason why we're going through rotation this week is simply because so many of you here on the channel have been asking this question and we're powered by you I'm powered by you the viewers so I can help you improve your golf and play your best golf we're answering these questions today so let's get into it let's start with the first one that you haven't heard of what are your wrists affecting your wrists are affecting your rotation because simply two reasons if you have a really open Club face so a CED position at the top of the back swing okay and we rotate really hard our face would just remain open what what your brain does magnificently is it tells your body to stop and allow your hands to pass cuz this then gives you a chance of squaring the face well look that's no rotation there is it that's no rotation at all so there's no rotation my hands can whip past me okay the second thing is when we tend to get this CED position what we've spoken about we tend to then swing a little steep on the down swing and then sort of stand up again reducing the rotation in order to try and find that golf ball so having an open Club face will force your body to be less active having a steeper down swing so this again will force your body to be less active less rotational so flip that on its head and say well the stronger I get this club face the shallower I swing more like John Ram like you can see here the more I have to rotate to square the face so if you're really open and Swinging really steep there's no wonder you can't rotate in your golf swing so a really simple little fix for you to try here just grab the club in your left hand hook your right hand under just like that feel top of the back swing that move where you go top of the back swing left wrist nice and flat I want you to practice allowing that club to shallow and then rotate through as I just said the more shallow you get that down swing the more it will encourage you to rotate that's just how the body works now as I'm doing that I'm feeling as though my Knuckles are working a little bit away from my wrist so the shallower I get the club feeling the stronger I get the club face the more I will rotate so simply that's our first fix that's the first huge reason why you can't rotate in your golf swing so with each and every one of these just compare it to what you're doing right now you might not be doing it to a huge extent you might want to unlock more rotation so just bringing a little bit of each and every one of these three into your swing will help you unlock that now if you're thinking Alex how do I get involved with powered by the viewers dead easy just subscribe turn on the bell and pop your query down below like I honestly want you to play your best golf so just pop your query no matter how big or how small it is so number two on our list is this one again it's all to do with where we start that down swing there's a bit of a theme here when we swing back and we have no depth to our swing so at the top of the back swing if our hands are closer to the back of our head and we draw a line down now and it's sort of through our toes this again will reduce the amount of rotation you will need in your shop now the ideal area I want you to unlock here here is as you make a back swing can you feel as though your arms hang down around your heel okay that would be sort of the ideal motion now if you're sort of taking it too up in this back swing that's simply because you're lifting These Arms too much so I would really feel like just make some swings around shoulder height round the back of the shoulder and back round the back of the shoulder and back now go a little bit further down around the back of the shoulder and back around the back of the shoulder and do you know what do this eight 10 15 reps until you feel comfortable and you get that whole sensation of more depth those hands hanging down other little tricks that I would try here is simply putting a TEEG behind my right heel this is a great way for you to feel that depth in the back swing to allow us to get more rotation in that down swing a nice simple way but definitely a huge one you hadn't thought of okay let's get into the final one here how you stand to this go ball your starting position the one that everybody just sort of leaves and Parks because we're sort of lazy I've been there you've probably been there but we just don't stand to the gold ball as good as we could so things to really avoid here and then I'll give you that posture reset that allows you to unlock that rotation two bent knees hunched over on the top half a real dip and a curve in the bottom of our back and then sort of tying it all together a very upright sort of spine angle this way anytime it's compromised it's very very hard to rotate now the hardest thing with posture is I know this is going to be way more comfortable for you because that's what you've been doing or this is more comfortable cuz that's what you've been doing but what I want you to do here is reset that posture so to do that I feel as though firstly I put those shoulders in my back pocket okay I forget the golf ball I get the club to run parallel to the ground and I take my stance around shoulder width apart now you'll notice the butt end of my club is pointing at my belt buckle or my belly button you want to keep that relationship and keep the legs still and keep the leg leg stiff and tilt over until the club hits the ground now slightly Bend those knees now for a lot of people you'll feel like the hamstrings a lot more switched on the core is more switched on but this is going to allow you to rotate look how I can keep that relationship to the ground so if I can do it better on the way back I've got more chance of rotating better on the way through hitting it longer hitting it straighter hitting it so much better

so I bet you never realized did you look how far that's just flown that was like a bullet that was like a bullet now I bet you never realized those affect your golfing and affect your release but Implement them bring them into your game and I know you will hit it further just simply because you've unlocked your rotation

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