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World No.1 Coach Showed Me This Perfect GRIP HACK that stopped 90's golfer QUITTING!

Full video transcript - World number one coach Pete Cowen preaches about this drill he says if you're thinking about quitting this is the drill you need to try and it's proven in case you swing in on plane and controlling the club face this is the best recipe for your strike now as we go through this video I want you to compare what you're doing to what this drill that he seriously preaches about gets you to do now you'll also noticed this bag what's a bag it is and what a Ryder Cup we had over the weekend now I'm going to be giving you a chance to win this bag this one I've got in my hands right now at some point in this video I'll tell you exactly how you can enter the giveaway now Pete Cohen says slide a putter grip like this flat Edge onto your 99 now I'm not going to tell you to do that because that's going to be quite expensive but you can do this exact drill and I'm going to show you how you do it with your putter don't forget this is with your irons but it makes sense in a second and then how you adopt this into every shot like the shot we have here on the 18th round about 150 that yardage we leave ourselves with now stick with me because remember Pete Cowan preaches about this drill so have a look I'm gripping this right now and you can see this sort of Cobra part the flat part of the script could have a little bit look closer look at that you can see the flat part of this right now again compare this to what you're doing right now this so take your normal grip as if it was an iron just think of the grip now I want you to think at every stage of the swing and I'm going to seriously just slowly break this down as he does I want you to think where it would point for you now look if I twist where that Cobra points all changes if I go around here or I go here or I go here it changes where it points so if I said this to you very very simple at every point in the swing keep the flat Edge or the Cobra pointing at you or whatever you've got on your grip keep that pointing at you so look at me address okay look at that there look at how I start the swing pointing back at me halfway back it's pointing back at me look at this and play I can I can still see this also look how on plane my swing is at the top of the backswing that left wrist nice and flat it's pointing back at me cupped it's not over here it's not this is pointing back at me as we start our downswing coming to last parallel look at what a delivery position that is where's Cobra pointing it's pointing back at me I think of this as a great reset you can also see my club face really nice and square uh impact is pointing back at me now Look at the follow through on plane again it's pointing back at me so nice and simple he says keep the flat edge of this grip always pointing at you it resets your Club face and it resets the plane of your swing so obviously we can't hit shots with that it's not practical is it well you could but it wouldn't be very hard wouldn't it be even harder and this is about stopping any golfer quitting he preaches about this now my grips don't have anything on so I'm going to use this little line here have a look at that that little break in the line I'm going to focus on okay I'm gonna keep that pointing back at me throughout the swing but have a look at the screen here I mean you might be using a gold prize you might be using a Lampkin what a logo or whatever you have here even you could draw something on whatever this point is here on top of the grip keep that pointing at you throughout this week so let me hit a few away here and also guys just reminder that this video look at these golf balls right Vice golf look at these These are the special edition Ryder Cup ones these are absolutely pure the limited edition there's only a few of them left make sure you go and get them golferia Pizzeria golf balls that's seriously cool to do some cool collaborations and I feel bad actually hitting these but anyway well we will we will hit them they look seriously cool very very nice think of this I've got a little marker that I'm gonna point at me at address point at me point at me back down impact point at me now visualize what that just did to my swing and visualize what that's going to do to you what I recommend is doing a few reps of a practice swing to hit that feel it and get it into your swing now watch this the whole concept I had there I'm going to do it really slowly just hit this one maybe like 100 yards but just slowly look point it back at me throughout the swing I hardly hit that and that absolutely flew I didn't put anything into it but that strike was amazing because again breaking reference to what it does keeping it pointing back at you right have a look at this if I hold this up from player cam not pointing at me not pointing at me look at the difference it does to my club face that's the difference of you hitting a good shot and a bad shot now let's speed this one up let's hit this one away and again I'll just feel this on the course just feel that halfway back and pointing it back at me and then maybe on the follow through too just getting that idea and that feeling I love this drill it's something that I will be preaching about now too thank you did you just hear that strike by the way I felt like I hardly I hardly even hit that that's probably one of the best nightlines I've hit in a long time to summarize this you can create some power control the club face swing on plane this is why this drill will stop golfers quitting just think reset yourself keep it pointing at you throughout now the bit we've been waiting for this is a beauty isn't it absolute beautiful bag now to be in with a chance of winning this limited edition bag from Titleist it is really nice and simple subscribe to the channel hit the thumbs up button and just comment down below I need a bag good luck and just a final reminder the winner of this giveaway will be announced on the 12th of October if you are contacted before this point it is categorically not me so remember no one else apart from me will contact you for the winner of this giveaway


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