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Worlds #1 Golf Coach Reveals NEW & EASY WAY To Hit Your Hybrids

Full video transcript - These are three extremely smart ways you should be using your hybrid. Pete Cowen says most amateur golfers don't use these enough and if you look at Todd Hamilton when he won the 2004 open he uses hyrbids so much to stop fat and thin shots. I'm going to show you these three ways but I'm also going to improve your strike with your hybrid and some of these ways you'll think I'll just use it all the time now let's get into the video now as you go through the these three ways I want to look at it and go Alex yeah I'm going to add this one in or I already did this one compare it to what you're doing right now now the first instance is actually long par 3s have a look at this one this one's measuring around about 210 yards now I might be tempted to try and hit a four iron really hard or even hit a five iron really hard cuz I feel that I can get it there but no I'm going to use my hybrid easier sweep it away and get much easier contact so these are the things you've got to look for ball position never fall foul of having that ball too far forward in your stance a nice measure is sort of have it hanging down roughly in line with your left ear just there like that now that would really encourage me to get my hands a little bit ahead so I always go for have a look at this on player cam my Knuckles on the front edge of the golf ball now that might look really sort of aggressive and you might go Alex well that looks like an iron exactly that exactly that because if we think of this right this is where we're swinging it most people try and swing it here and hit up or let's say sweep the Gul ball away I want you to lose the idea and I want you to have the idea that we're going to sort of strike down on this look at that there from that angle and look at it there from face on strike down on this ball like an iron now moving that ball back putting those hands forward will seriously allow me to do that so the first place I really want you to think about using this on those long par 3es swing Easy Go hybrid a lot easier to work with okay all right let's hit this away watch this

fly that was hit really nice coming back off the right side get On The Fringe On The Fringe from this distance that's not bad now a lot of golfers go to me well Alex I'm hitting down I'm going to hit it low no that is seriously not the case have a look at the profile of that club let the club do the work for you you notice right it's bigger than an item that allows us to put the weight and sense of gravity further back and that gives you the Loft right let's go scenario number two scenario number two have a look at this one I'm in some thick rug off and I'm a long way away from the hole I'm 220 plus this is a great chance to use this hybrid to help you glide through this grass and still pop that ball up with some meat now I really want you to work on that concept of like we just established we want our low point to be ahead of the ball so imagine this hoop the bottom of the hoop here the bit that contacts the ground is 12:00 we've got to make sure that our 12:00 position is just ahead and we're hitting it on this side of the hoop right so that would mean our club is a little lower for longer after impact and you've got to trust in the tech a like I just said this will help you get it in the air and I'd love to know actually what hybrids are you using do you carry like a five hybrid some of my lessons have actually got a seven ion hybrid and they swear by it so get our ball position get those hands slightly ahead as we've established look at the pressure I can put on that ball now really listen closely to what I'm about to say have a look at this down at the ball from player cam I imagine that for a club head afterwards there's almost like a rail okay down here and I'm trying to keep that club brushing that ground for longer after impact now think about this logically I really listen closely here if my fist is the goal and I lift it I Leave Myself exposed to catching this bottom Edge and this first Groove think if I work that way right that's going to leave me exposed if we hit down more like this we're now going to be sort of around this groove The Sweet Spot the middle that is really going to help train that so the concept and I want you to sort of compare this to what you do now take this straight to the course and think on that strike for the distance from my ball position is to my left foot can I keep the club lower for longer and honestly your strike will go through the

roof look how that just cut through that grass I hit that really hard as well hit that really good that was a really good shot and come have a look at this dver you can see where the ball was down here and I've taken that grass here that was the aim that was how I got that strike right out the middle let's go to the final scenario and I know you're not using it for here so hopefully you can see two scenarios so far that are really useful now again the sole of this club really helps eliminate those fat and those dff shots which really cost golfers now we're having a look at this final scenario here just short the green and this is what Pete Cowen is preaching about this club is like a cheating Club it's going to allow you to chip this ball away and get it rolling out really easily like if you look at the profile it's not too dissimilar to a putter is it really the face is rarely flat and we've got a bit of something behind that way with a little bit more LOF than your putter it will just sort of hop over this aspect and roll out all the way down to the flag now the setup is dead easy just follow this and I reckon this is the bit of the video where it's like yeah 100% I know I will bring this into my game cuz I've been it and it's been saving me a load of shots so get the shaft angle a lot steeper than you would normally walk it in and come have a look at this bit this is really interesting get it in your palm it takes the wrist out of this whole shot get it in your palm hands ahead and all you're going to do now is rock it like a putter that triangle between your left arm and your left shoulder and right shoulder you're going to move it back and forth pop that ball up and let it let it roll out let it roll up and this is a tough shot right up that hill is really hard to gauge but you take that idea of it spinning and not getting there out the equation I also take that little Duff right in front of me right out of the equation too okay let's see if we can get it inside that

one that looks good get up the hill they are not bad at all from this distance really tough shots but the main thing is you're using the sole to stop you hitting the Dos hitting the fats hitting the Thins and taking those shots out the equation three scenarios you have to use your hybrid TM par 3S from the roof and to chip around the green on Long chips like this

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