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Your Daily 30-Second Secret to Golf Mastery..(THROW THE CLUB)

In this golf lesson from PGA Top 50 coach, I'm showing you a simple trick that will become your 30 seconds secret to golf mastery.. YOU have to throw the club! Go from fatting and thinning hitting short golf shots and not striking your irons in 30 seconds this is an Unbelievably Simple Swing Discovery. All my clients who are mid handicap golfers, low handicap golfers and average golfers, say that this is proven to work for anyone and that you are making a mistake if you do NOT use this Daily 30 Second Secret to Golf Master..(THROW THE CLUB).

Whether you are beginner golfer, senior golfer, mid handicap golfer, amateur golfer or professional golfer this simple golf video is a must watch. Here's what you are going to learn:

1. No more fat shots, no more thin shots

2. When to release the golf club with irons and at what point in the swing

3. Square the clubface

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