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GENIUS "The BEST IRON Golf lesson I have EVER HAD!" (You'll QUICKLY Use)

This GENIUS golf wisdom is something you will quickly use and start smashing and striking your irons at least 1 club longer, I dropped 4 shots from using it! It is a drill that isn't commonly used and I certainly haven't seen on YouTube. This tip comes from one of the best ball strikers in the world Jim Furyk, where he drops a massive amount of golf wisdom all about the best golf lesson he ever received. It is all about achieving smoother control and create a penetrating ball flight! I have no doubt you will be able to drop at least 4 shots as a result of this drill, you will have better tempo, more efficient and finesse shots, and learn to score better, not just swing good. There is some HUGE information in this video that will seriously help you.

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Bill Gibson
Bill Gibson
٠١ أبريل

155 yards for me with an 8 iron, all out. Great tip Elliott..ta

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