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Why amateur golfers can't create COMPRESSION (what they don't tell you golf tips)

This is helping so many golfers right now!!! You need to listen up to this new move that will 100% GET YOUR chest over the golf ball which is the secret to compression. This is something that I have struggled with in the past and know that a lot of my golf clients have too. You will understand the key to compression with long, medium and short irons with this chest MOVE In this short and simple golf lesson here on YouTube Top 50 coach Alex Elliott PGA teaches you the secret to compression. By keeping the body, arms and hands in line with each other, you can create a more consistent golf swing, sounds simple right? The ONLY DILL I'll Be Using For My Irons THIS SEASON!! (START NOW) But how you do you actually achieve this consistently, we need a drill that is going to work ALL THE TIME because once connected, any golfer can simply get their chest over the golf ball, meaning we add distance, we drop shots, we strike the golf ball longer, straighter, reduce our handicap.... the benefits are endless.

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