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The TRICK To Leading With The Right Arm In The Downswing!

Full video transcript - I'm going to take you from these two pictures on the screen, the good versus the bad, and you can seriously achieve this in the three stages in this video! Getting this right elbow in the downswing isn't always easy for golfers. In this simple golf tip we break this down into three little simple stages for you that is so easy to understand because I find like there's so many videos on YouTube but none of them are simple to follow, this golf lesson is! Let's start with looking at these arm movements, what does our right arm? Firstly our right arm as we start down this is going to sound a little strange but it needs to move this way right it needs to move this way now if I place a golf club in my hand here again really pay attention compare this to what you do right now look at this if I move my right arm across me and almost feel as though my bicep and my tricep sort of pushing into my chest it's that now have a look at this down at the ball now I know my arm is straight at the minute don't worry about that but look what straight away is that allowing me to achieve forward chaffing a lot of us have the opposite so the first key motion just stand up out your chair right now and have a go at okay I need a little bit of that first stage done and dusted stage number two and really pay attention to how I say this and the wording I'll say it really slowly as we start our down swing as our hands get to hip height I want you to feel as though your right elbow is ahead of your right wrist now look at that position there again boom so as well as having this we also need a little bit of this okay so let's break this down really simply our our right arm if you go directly here for me right our right arm works this way okay and it can work like this now as we start our down swing we need an element of our right elbow starting before so if I'm giving you an arm wrestle right here like you watching right now you probably beat me but I want to lose the arm wrestle so I want that to happen now this is where it feels a little strange so as our right arm moves across from stage one we're building on this we lose the arm wrestle so that's that motion isn't it so you can see what does that trans at to what does that translate to where's my right elbow right thigh now it's that now placing a golf club in my hand let's do this let's really watch this so I'm losing the arm wrestle and allowing it to come across my chest that's that really just have a going and I've got a great drill for you and don't forget we'll show you the pitfalls to avoid here right elbow ahead of right wrist I'm losing the arm wrestle my right bicep is pushing into my chest so it's like that and I can't tell you I I've had students that come to me and go Alex for 15 years I have not got my hands ahead of the golf ball I've always been like this breaking it down to these stages is dead easy so stage one boom stage two lose the arm wrestle bring that all together like this like this now have a look how good this strike is I've got you a drill for you here okay ready let's have a hit


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